An Inkling of an Oath

Doctors often take an oath to do no harm to their patients. Though you may not have taken an oath, what do you in your career or pursuits to avoid harm and keep people safe?

I will first do no harm.  There are times that I wonder about the medical profession.  Having had some less than pleasant experiences with them in medical contexts I occasionally wonder if something happens along the way.  However, I am forever grateful for the fact that I have access to the NHS and can see them and those that go to bat for you are just top notch.  I just have the bad luck to have chronic conditions (that can be difficult to work with) so have probably seen the unlucky side of doctors and medicine.  I support the hardworking staff who often get overlooked and are definitely underpaid for what they do.  


Anyway, I have not taken an oath to do no harm, I have no patients and my career doesn’t exactly lead to anything where I need to avoid harm or keep people safe.  I work in retail so there is very little that requires an oath. However, Matt at Normal Happenings is a very talented blogger, writer and all round inspiring person and his Hippocratic Oath Inkling made me laugh thinking about how I could save someone.  


Simply put I save people by taking a deep breath, putting the box cutter down and taking another breath.  


I’m kidding of course but the main time I save someone is by shutting up.  Sometimes the harm that is done to me is by words from customers, or the attitude they have, but despite this I can save someone from what they cause me by being quiet, respectful and responding to them in a way that doesn’t hurt them.  Sometimes words leave the deepest cuts and we could all do with some compassion and empathy in our word choices. If by being quiet, simply listening or responding with kindness to someone else’s anger can save a day then I am going to try my hardest to do that.  I would hate to be responsible for someone having a bad day or getting upset, sometimes the same cannot be said for my customers but who knows what has happened to them previously. 


If, in my own tiny way, I can do no harm in my job then I can leave happily at the end of the day. 


Is there anything you do in your work to do no harm?  Let me know in the comments.


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