Fandom Friday: Harry Potter Characters

As a Harry Potter and wizarding world fan the prompt from Stewie’s DLC for Favourite Harry Potter characters was a perfect choice for me.  Sadly Mr Potter’s birthday does not fall on a Friday for this to be just that extra touch of magic but this is as close as I could make it.


Harry Potter has been a major part of my life in lots of ways.  The books were my comfort books as I could get lost in the world.  I remember waiting and waiting for the next book to be released and in some cases getting them on release day.  Sadly I did not attend a midnight release for them as that would have been quite some experience. Then after picking up the book, I would spend the next few hours reading through and ignoring the real world.  The films bring so much detail to life. Seriously look at all the tiny bits of detail in every set piece or costume you can see! Amazing doesn’t seem enough to describe it. They might not be as good as the books in my opinion but they are wonderful to me. Anyway, enough of a Harry Potter gushing and onto my favourite characters.

Minerva McGonagall

The head of Gryffindor who is stern and yet can be humourous when needed.  She cares for each of her students and the amount of times I think she must have rolled her eyes when the trio got up to mischief or into trouble but she will do all she can to protect everyone of Gryffindor house.  Also in the Battle of Hogwarts she takes charge, rallies the troops and knows what she has to do. She watches as some of her students, her kids, get injured or worse but she goes to protect everyone. And she gets to do the spell that she has always wanted to cast.  Maggie Smith is an absolute star in this role in the films.


Molly and Arthur Weasley

The parents who might not have a lot but they have love.  If I were to pick two fictional parents I wouldn’t mind having these two.  Molly will go out of her way to welcome anyone and everyone into her home and family, treating everyone as family and trying to do her best for them.  I mean she welcomes Harry in with open arms and knits him a Christmas jumper after Harry and Ron had only met a few months before. Arthur, well he asks about the functions of rubber ducks which makes him a star in my eyes.  Seriously though he works a job to provide for his family and cares for them. He looks after Harry when he is summoned to the Ministry and is just an all round lovely dad. They are the parents that show love to all, they may not have much but they have love and will take anyone in as part of their family.


Luna Lovegood

I adore her.  She is herself despite people trying to make her feel bad about herself or try to convince people she is loony.  Her uniqueness and quirkiness is admirable and on top of that she is an intelligent young woman. She values her friends and will protect them as much as she can.  I love where you read about her bedroom and the way she weaves her friends into it. Her passion, ability to believe and the way that she always seems to be passionate about something are inspiring.  She also gives Harry one thing that I believe he would dream of, she gave him a person that saw him as ordinary and just plain Harry. Whilst Ron and Hermione see Harry as their friend, over the Boy Who Lived, Luna sees always sees Harry as the ordinary boy who goes to school with her and when he needs to know how he looks she says ordinary.  The only person who would and could use that word to describe him.



The famous house elf that is willing to put himself in danger for Harry Potter before he truly knew him.  Sure that didn’t exactly go to plan but he tried because it was the right thing to do and he made friends through it.  He also cares for the gang and tries to keep Hermione happy through her SPEW work whilst protecting the house elves that don’t want her help.  Dobby makes the ultimate sacrifice for his friends to keep them safe. This moment absolutely crushed me as I wasn’t ready for it and as much as Dobby can cause problems, he is a little gem for his attempts to help.  The best little house elf there is with a big heart that is always in the right place.


Who are your favourite Harry Potter characters?  Let me know in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Fandom Friday: Harry Potter Characters

  1. Last year my oldest daughter sat down and read all the Harry Potter books and as she finished them we watched the movie as a family. It was a really great experience to share a fandom with her and I think all of us would agree with your character picks!


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