Sometimes you just have to Lego

I make no secret of the fact that I love Lego, in fact I once talked about it in a job interview.  To be fair the Lego responses were related to the questions asked so it isn’t as strange as it initially sounds.  However, I’m not sure that the interviewer expected me to be that passionate about Lego about my childhood playing as well as my current building.

Did you also have this mix of Lego in a big box as a child? Back then I just had this big box that was a bit of a mystery.  What would I reach in and pull out that day? Whatever I pulled out I could create something from it. I’ll be honest, I believe that a lot of the time I would end up building houses or castles with multicoloured walls.  Other things were built of course but I think these were my popular go to build as I think I always wanted to design my future home. I later graduated to building houses in The Sims so perhaps I didn’t change that much as I grew up.  This big box of Lego was a start to a love that still exists today. In fact this big box of Lego probably built the foundations of something deep in my heart and soul. Whilst there have been years when I wasn’t building Lego it was still that warm, safe, happy memory.


Fast forward to the last few years and Lego has been a key to my happiness, confidence and health.


Lego can mend you in ways that I can’t fully describe.  I have used Lego to build up my confidence again, to give me goals, to give me something to work on and something to brighten my home.  It really helped in my motivation when I was at my worst with the lack of it as a result of my mental health. When I gave up a lot of other things and stopped leaving the house for the most part, I took to Lego.  At first this was existing sets that I owned then I ordered some more. From Brickheadz to Harry Potter sets to Batman sets to a Lego BB-8 that now sits on our coffee table. From tiny to small to large, every brick counted towards helping me improve.  

Harry Potter BrickHeadz
Harry Potter characters in Lego BrickHeadz form

Even on the days that I was forgetful, or the days that I couldn’t remember, if I had a Lego set built and could see it I knew I had done something.  They were a reminder of what I could achieve. A reminder that I was capable, that I had the ability to do something, that bit by bit and Lego piece by piece I could create something cool, beautiful, fun or geeky or any combination of the above.  Even if it occasionally seemed like a daft thing to focus on it was important to me.


Working out the pieces I needed helped my focus.  Seeing the progress made enabled me to see that things can change.  Being lost in the Lego world let me know that every little thing counts, that everything that has happened has made me who I am and I am strong because of it.  


There is definitely part of my heart, my mental health and my brain that is built of Lego bricks.  That thought brings me brick shaped joy.


5 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to Lego

  1. Recently, I got a lego kit as a gift, and putting it together felt very similar to the effect crafting, like coloring, knitting or crochet has. Sort of that meditative state that helps you release stress.


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