Fandom Friday: Switching up my backlog

A Geeky Gal knows how to do Fandom Friday prompts.  This one comes from her Geeky Gal 2 pack and covers backlog games.  I am no stranger to a gaming backlog and go back and forth on how I feel about it.  I define my games as a collection now and appreciate that I will always have a game to play.  I will not play every game that I want to play, however I love the idea of playing them all. They bring me joy either way.  I also realise that by purchasing games I am supporting the industry that I love and means so much to me and the people that bring these games to life.

To cover this, I am breaking it down by platform because as much as I would love to say otherwise I have plenty of unplayed games on each platform.  Today covers the Nintendo Switch. 


Ah the Switch, I play you handheld for the most part as you fit into my life perfectly.  To be honest I have the least of a backlog here as I tend to at least start every game I own for the Switch.  In addition, since you can get a little time here and there to play any game progress seems to move forward much faster than elsewhere.  However I still have a couple of games that I haven’t started yet.


Little Dragons Cafe

Toothless and Lightfury guard the Little Dragons Cafe game
Some Dragons tell me I should be playing this game!

I was waiting on the price falling and one day saw it low enough for me to go for it.  I just haven’t started it yet. I’ll be honest it sold me on it by containing the words dragon and cafe and the art style.  It looks like something I can play in small pieces and cute enough that I enjoy the sweetness of it.



Yoshi’s Crafted World

A woolly Yoshi amiibo sits on top of the Yoshi's Crafted World game box.
Yoshi wants pride of place on the game box

I know, I am shocked that this is on my backlog.  I just haven’t started it yet. My Yoshi amiibo does seem to be judging me for this fact.  In all honesty I am slightly judging myself for not starting this yet. 



I picked this up as it is one that I kept hearing about and thought it sounded like a very “me” game.  It just looks interesting and I am looking forward to starting but I need to actually start it.


And that is it for my Switch backlog at least at the moment.  I try to be good with my backlog on Switch compared to my other consoles and at the moment I think I’m doing well with that.  Though I have several Switch games on the go at the moment, either actively playing or games that are always on the I will pick up when I feel like it so still up there in my mind to play.  The Switch just seems so easy to pick 


If you have a Switch, what games are on your backlog for it?  Or if you have played these games which one shall I play next?  Let me know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Fandom Friday: Switching up my backlog

    1. I love Stardew Valley. I have it on Xbox and Switch. Just such a lovely game to relax with. Overcooked not so relaxing but it is good fun. I haven’t played the second one but had some good times with the first.


  1. Nice backlog! I didn’t grab LDC initially despite it being on my “buy immediately” list – I think they’ve patched it though and the load times were shortened.

    As for the other two – both excellent choices. Yoshi is super laid back and might be the most relaxing game I’ve ever played. It’s also adorable, as is par for the course for Yoshi games!

    I played Hue as a part of an IndieBox a few years back and it was a nice 5 hour burst of fun puzzles. It gets pretty tough at the later levels but it’s the perfect difficulty, both in terms of challenge and in terms of linear difficulty progression.

    Enjoy! These are all very manageable titles to have in a backlog 🙂


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