Cat Quest: Pawesome Fun

It’s totally pawsome.

Do you love cats?  Do you love RPGs? Do you love puns? If the answer is yes to these questions then do I have the purrfect game for you.

Cat Quest_20190513180950
The Cat Quest title screen.

Game: Cat Quest

Developer: The Gentlebros

Publisher: The Gentlebros, PQube

Platform: PS4, also available on Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and PC.

Release date: 8th August 2017

This is one of those magical RPGs that you don’t mind grinding in because of the cats and the puns. This is a difficult one to find tiresome due to the smile on your face from the characters and the chuckles from the writing.

Cat Quest_20190518155438
You’re rawrsome!

Sometimes the act of trying to level up in a RPG gets tiresome, however, in this case I just wanted to stay within the feline world.  The grinding comes from all the caves where the best XP is hidden. Each is very similar, just with different layout or combinations of monsters.  The idea is to clear them all out. If you need to grind you can redo caves to get some extra XP that you are sure you can get in its entirety. Sometimes these caves have some extra goodies, in the form of a hidden and/or locked chest, and sometimes these require you to navigate secret paths.  If you miss a locked chest, either prior to the acquisition of the key or afterwards, then above the entrance to the cave an icon appears. This was very helpful to me so I could work out what caves I needed to return to.

The story is a bit of fun with a few twists along the way and even the side quests can take a daft turn.  For instance, when you help Cara Loft look for a book, or the siblings in Twin Towns.  Of course there are mages and rulers and you even meet the developers, although they are sneaky at times, and get some advice and items from them.  These touches inject a touch of humour as well as RPG familiarity. If I could be a Dragonborn cat then I would choose this one.

Cat Quest_20190518152356
Meeting the developers.

Of course an RPG isn’t complete without your character having some skills. I was a personal fan of having flamepurr and freezepaw, in addition to two others but these were the two I had to keep. The seven skills that you can acquire and upgrade keep in with the feline theme in terms of name. However, these aren’t the only skills you can learn. As you progress you have to complete quests in order to gain the ability to reach parts of the map.

The map is contains yet more puns due to place names, and holds some surprises that are hidden at least from your character at the beginning. Of course if you check the map and look at the extent of it you will spot these areas but your character won’t be able to visit until later in the game.

A line drawing of a PlayStation platinum trophy drawn by myself for Inktober.

Also if you are keen on trophies then this game is simple to complete and attain the platinum trophy for.  I even have the platinum now! It takes some grinding to get to level 99 but if you are completing the story, the side quests and the caves then you will be most of the way there by the end of the game.  Aside from the platinum trophy the trophy for becoming Level 99 will likely be the final one you achieve as the rest occur naturally from following the story including side quests and the caves.

If you are in the mood for a cat based RPG that makes you smile and is very enjoyable then this is the one for you.   I played on PS4, however I believe that this is a perfect (or purrfect) game for the Switch as it would be relaxing to play handheld or on the go.

I have loved it and I am rather excited for Cat Quest 2 which is due to be released later this year.

Have you played Cat Quest before?  Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Cat Quest: Pawesome Fun

    1. It is a lot of fun. I think for me the main draw was playing an RPG as a cat and then when I started it it was so much fun. Yes it’s still an RPG and there is still a grind to it but puns, cats and some strange sounding quests it really makes it good fun. It’s also really achievable for you to actually complete it as it’s not so big that it’s going to be 100 hours plus like a lot of RPGs. Well worth a play if you get round to it!

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  1. I absolutely love games like this!! I’m really drawn to art styles like this that are cute and chibi-like. I can’t complain with the fact that I’m playing as a cat ahaha 🙂

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