My month in games – June 2019

June has been a busy and stressful month for me, but this doesn’t mean that there was no time for gaming.  In fact it has been one of the ways that I have been calming down.  Blogging has been quite organised this month as well with posts ranging from gamer pressure, my first Fandom Friday post and what I would get up to if I could spend the longest day gaming in full.  I have been doing a lot more writing so have some more posts lined up.  All in all, even though it is stressful it has been positive as well.  Now onto the selection of games that I have been playing in June.

My name is Markus in subtitles, on the screen is a close up of Markus' face which is wet.

In order to see some more of the story, explore the different outcomes and see what happens when certain characters don’t prematurely die I restarted Detroit: Become Human (PS4).  I’ve started with a more machine playthrough. Though I just want everyone to have a happy ending so I’m sure I’ll be doing another playthrough after this, if not more. I just want to know more about what could happen with all the options between dialogue and how you decide the characters act.


Spyro with a castle behind him

I went back to the Spyro Reignited Trilogy (Xbox One).  It’s Spyro and it’s fun (when you aren’t getting totally frustrated by your own stupidity).  I am still terrible at the flying levels but I am trying to complete them. I was mainly working on Spyro 2 when I came back to it other than flying levels from Spyro 1 that I had left unfinished and are still unfinished.  



I have also played Spyro 3 which I always love. I remember writing down all the dragons names when I found the eggs when I played as a child. So I love seeing all these dragons found and hatched again. Also I used to have so much fun in the skateboarding sections and finding them again has brought me joy.  Sadly I just need to get my skills to return!



I picked up the Ace Attorney Trilogy on Switch this month.  I spotted, thanks to Twitter, that it was on offer and I could not pass it up.  Of course I had to get started and it looks fantastic on Switch. I’m working my way through this and enjoying the characters.  I love Maya, she is just so wonderful and makes me laugh. I just want to protect her! I thought this when I played Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright as well.  She is just so sweet. Anyway, since I picked this up it has been my main game. At any chance I get I am picking this up for little sessions.


CTR Nitro Fueled


We also picked up Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled (Xbox One).  This was one we were sure that we would pick up and decided to just go for it since both of us were excited to start playing.  So I’m focusing on adventure mode because I didn’t have CTR growing up and my skill level is fairly low at the moment.  Though I am beginning to learn the tracks and have beaten two of the bosses so far.  Then attempting some of the challenges.  I want to get better at this than I am at the moment but for someone new to CTR I don’t think it’s going badly either.


I picked up The Witcher 3 (Xbox One) after some encouragement and when I got it it was £12 for the game of the year edition.  I have really only just started this so shall see what I think further down the line.


What were you playing in June?  Are there any games that you are picking up this month?  Let me know in the comments.


10 thoughts on “My month in games – June 2019

    1. Heading back to some retro is always good fun. I haven’t done that in a while myself but there is always fun to be had when I do. I still have never finished watch dogs. I think I have started it 3 times but still not completed it. One day haha!


  1. Phoenix Wright is one I’ve been curious about. Is it more puzzle focused, or more narrative focused? Something that always kills me with detective games is when I’ve figured out the puzzle, but the game won’t let me drop a deduction until it deems it appropriate for the story.

    As for my own gaming in June I was pretty split on several titles. Played through SteamWorld Quest, Gato Roboto, Total War Warhammer 2, and Bloodstained RotN. Reviewed 3 of those on my blog after finishing them and I’m still playing Total Warhammer because…it is dense. Very dense. There is a lot there to sink one’s teeth into.


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