My month in games – May 2019

Hello June! I seemed to have a very busy May, but I also can’t work out how or why it was. It just was. I fell behind with just about everything I had planned but hey I got myself through.  That is the main thing for me, I made it through and I am ready to start this month off on a good footing.  What could be better than starting off this month by talking about what games I was playing in May?  

I spent my month finishing off Picross S3 (Nintendo Switch). Honestly I just love Picross games but I really do need something to fill the void once I finish one off.  There are only so many I can buy and play no matter how much I love Picross.  Therefore I have not started playing any more Picross games. 


Tom Clancy's The Division 2 written over a view over the city
The Division 2 title screen

I had put The Division 2 (Xbox One) in a time out after it annoyed me.  I am now undecided if I want to go back and do the remaining strongholds.  I have technically finished the story and that is probably it for me. Enjoyable game but I don’t like the PvP part so it’s now being marked as completed.  However, if my other half finishes the game and can complete that stronghold then I might go back to do the remaining 2 strongholds I have to do. 


Edith, Edie, Dawn and Lewis. But instead of a family, there were just memories of one.
A Finch family photo, memories remain.

Since What Remains of Edith Finch was added to PS+ I had to go download it again, for PS4 this time.  I then spent more time playing through this wonderful story again. I know there were complaints about the game choices for PS+ but I was so happy to see this game getting introduced to people who might have passed on it before.  Plus I got the chance to play it again for free. I still love the storytelling in this. It is so poignant and beautiful and, of course, tragic however the way it introduces the Finch family and the outcome is amazing.


I decided that since I had jumped back onto my PS4 I would have a bit more of a play with it.  It has been left alone for far too long so I picked Cat Quest (PS4) to start with.  An RPG plus cats and cat based puns was enough to sell me on this game.  I had originally wanted it for Switch (and a physical version), however I spotted it on sale for PS4 a while ago and had to pick it up.  Now that I have finally got round to playing it I am so happy that I have.  It is just good pun based kitty cat fun. I will probably talk about this more so I can share more screenshots but if you are looking for a simple RPG that can just make you smile then this is a great shout.  I finished this recently and it is just a game that makes me smile.  Cat Quest 2 is apparently due to be released later this year so I’m looking forward to that.


I am alive written on a wall in capital letters.
I am alive.

Since finishing Cat Quest I decided to remain on the PS4 for my next game.  This is Detroit: Become Human (PS4).  I finished this last night and I already want to replay it.  I just want to make different, and hopefully, in some ways, better choices.  Whilst I was happy with how some characters stories played out I really want some of the others to have a better end.  I enjoy seeing the flowchart after each section where you can see what paths you went down and where other options were available.   

Hopefully next time I take different paths and I can see where these lead.  Maybe I will change Connor and Markus’ destinies or maybe they will end up in similar situations.  Either way I wish to see what the outcomes are when I make different choices. 


I also played just over half of The Office Quest (Nintendo Switch). This is point and click and pretty simple graphically.  It is enjoyable trying to complete each puzzle to get to the next stage even when I managed to get lost in one section.


What have you been playing this month?  Let me know in the comments.

15 thoughts on “My month in games – May 2019

  1. I feel obligated to check out Cat Quest 😛

    I spent May playing both new and familiar: started off with yet another run of Skyrim (always a fun time!), then picked up Borderlands: GOTY! It was definitely an interesting hybrid of RPG and FPS!

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  2. Oh my, I hadn’t heard of Cat Quest until now and I’m seriously considering getting it even though I’m trying to avoid adding anything to my massive backlog until I play something!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I know the feeling with the backlog! It is worth a play but maybe reward yourself with it after playing/starting something on your backlog as a compromise. I will be writing up more thoughts on it soon (so I can share some more cat pun screenshots).


  3. Cat Quest was great! I really enjoyed it. I haven’t played What Remains of Edith Finch yet, but I want to. I refuse to become a PS Plus member though and would rather just buy the game because I rarely use my PS4 and I want to keep it that way :).

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    1. What Remains of Edith Finch is a good game with the way it does the storytelling. Even if you aren’t a fan of walking simulators as a genre the way this does things is so good.

      Cat Quest is just like a smile in a game. I just now need more cat based RPGs with that many puns in it.

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      1. There is a Cat Quest 2 in development :). I can’t wait for that! I’m a huge fan of walking sims when I’m in the mood for them. I prefer to collect them on PC though and I’ve been meaning to buy that game since it released. I just kept getting distracted by other games lol.

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      2. I know I’m looking forward to Cat Quest 2 now. Haha theres always another game to distract you. Happens with me all the time. Then they get put on the pile until I have time to play… ah well we all get round to these games eventually!

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      3. Tell me about it! I have hundreds of games in my backlog that I’m just now trying to get through. I even created a new topic called Killing the Backlog to encourage me to complete older games I have sitting around my virtual and physical library :).

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      4. I don’t want to know the actual number in my backlog but I’m trying to play some games I have had for a while this year but will see how that actually goes. Hope your Killing the Backlog topic is helping you get through some of them.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I haven’t actually started it yet because I’m working on some secret background stuff before I officially launch it, but I did announce it. I did complete Monster Hunter World after about a billion hours of gameplay :). Who knows how many more games I have to go though.


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