My month in games – April 2019

I actually had a very productive month game wise in April albeit in just one game. I’m surprised, if I’m completely honest. I did have a couple of days off over Easter but not anything extra holiday wise and with the weather so lovely I did spend a bit more time outdoors (even if my very special Britishness meant I started going pink rather quickly so I delved back in).

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 written over a view over the city
The Division 2 title screen

I spent a lot of my time in The Division 2 (Xbox One). So much so I made it to level 30, almost finished all the main missions (all bar the strongholds one of which has crashed my game twice so it’s in a timeout), side missions and entered the Dark Zones (albeit just for the story missions to map them). I didn’t get on with the Dark Zone in the first game as I play solo and don’t really care about being killed every time I try to enter or leave the DZ or when my stuff gets stolen when trying to extract items. I had fun with the main story, took a lot of screenshots of things that made me smile, upgraded the settlements and tried to get as many of the collectibles as I could. It was a worthwhile play for me and good luck to anyone in the DZ. I will finish the strongholds to finish the story since I am nearly done and once they are finished I think I’m done with the game.

I have also been playing Picross S3 (Switch). So I had planned to wait to buy this but I needed to find something to fill my Picross needs so this happened to make its way to my switch.

I also did some Lego building which is always a happy time for me. A little Easter chick, a loved up Bee and a Valentine’s Puppy.

What did you get up to in April? Did you have a good month? Let me know in the comments.

9 thoughts on “My month in games – April 2019

  1. Mine was a good, but pretty limited April as far as gaming is concerned. My main focus was finishing up my completion run of Hollow Knight, and then I jumped back into Skyrim! Both games that I’ve played before 😛 So no new ground covered, but a LOT of great times had!

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  2. In general my April sucked but gaming wise my fiance was able to start gaming with me again and joined me back in World of Warcraft 🙂 We met in WoW so while I can play without him it’s always so much more fun with him by my side.


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