Screenshot Saturday: The Function of a Rubber Duck

I have been taking a few more photos in The Division 2 (Xbox One) the last few times I have been playing.  There are so many details in this game, I could share some of the more detailed city scenes but today is not that day.


Today I share one of the scenes I found whilst exploring that I love.  Sometimes you just need to find a rubber duckie (or several) and get a photo.  So, as Mr Weasley would say, what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?  To that I would say this.


Now should I recreate this in my living room…?


A group of rubber ducks look towards an arm chair with another larger rubber duck sat looking out towards them. The word "producktive" is written on the wall with 'duck's emphasized and a drawing of a duck with a hat under it.
It very producktive to set up this scene.

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