My month in games – March 2019

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to another round up of my gaming month.  I have been a busy little gamer this month so it will be a much more varied post this month compared to January and February.  Though I haven’t sorted screenshots for this post so it is a little sparse! 


I finished up Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (Xbox One). Love this game, love Kassandra, love the setting and just had so much fun. This then caused a bit of “gaming hangover”.  It has been hard to pick a game and stick to it but I have kept coming and going with several.
Night sky


Following on from Love Your Backlog week which the wonderful Later Levels and Ellen at Livid Lightning came up with we have been challenged by them to take part in Maybe in March.  

Love Your Backlog
100+ games – Love Your Backlog

So in an effort to get some games of this charming little backlog of mine (massive pile of games, charming little pile, same difference hey?) I picked two from the post I put out for Love Your Backlog week.  Firstly I tried Grow Up (Xbox One). I have dipped in and out of this. It is a game I got for free years ago as part of Games with Gold and it has sat unplayed ever since. I don’t know what I expected from this but I have at least been playing it now (although still unfinished).  Overall thoughts will be coming at some point (probably). The other Maybe in March game I chose was Hotel Dusk Room 215 (Nintendo DS). It was great playing on my 2DS again and this was a simple game.  It is one that I need to pick up again. I think I struggled to get going with both of them in a way because I didn’t know what I wanted to play and after finishing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey other games don’t necessarily come close.


I continued and finished my journey through Kanto in Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu (Nintendo Switch).  I got some more gym badges, caught some new Pokémon and did some of the story things like Silph Co and the mansion this month and finished up the Elite Four.  This is the main game that I keep coming back to and wasn’t badly affected by my gaming hangover.


I also decided I wanted to play a Lego game and a while back I had bought the Lego Harry Potter Collection (Xbox One).  Where better to go than back to a favourite which has been remastered for Xbox One. This is a game I’m taking my time with as I just want to do a few levels, get the collectibles, return to the wizarding world when I can and want to.


I started playing The Division 2 (Xbox One).  This is a game that I can say I am rubbish at but I enjoy.  This will be a slow journey for me, mainly because I get so annoyed at myself for dying (again) on the same part.


Inspired by The Witness being available free on PS4 I started it up on Xbox One.  I got this free so long ago but hadn’t started it. I love the puzzles and am having a nice relaxing time working through them.  I think this would be amazing on Switch though. And before you ask yes I downloaded it on PS4 as well…


I also had a quick play of Knowledge is Power Decades (PS4).  Just me and my other half but we had good fun with it.  I really enjoy Knowledge is Power as well so I was pretty sure this would be good too.


Finally, I played Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (Nintendo Switch).  I am nearly finished this (I think). A quick and fun game with the cuteness of Captain Toad. It is easy to find this game fun.


What were you playing in March?  Any games that you would recommend?  Let me know in the comments.


9 thoughts on “My month in games – March 2019

  1. I finally started and finished Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, which was a strange one. Not my usual sort of thing, but I enjoyed Firewatch a couple of years ago, so I thought I’d give it a go. Firewatch was definitely better!

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      1. It is very slow going, but sometimes that is refreshing compared to the pace of most modern games!

        Haven’t really done much like it, apart from Firewatch, but I think I’ll be looking for more of this kind of game. Any suggestions?


  2. My boyfriend and I play Lego games occasionally, and the Harry Potter one has had my eye for a while now. Would you recommend it? We’ve played the Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, and Star Wars.

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    1. I would but I love Lego games and Harry Potter so it’s a good match for me either way. This is probably one of my favourite of the Lego games I’ve played, yes I love both aspects so perhaps that plays into it but definitely worth a play for a good Lego game as well.

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  3. I love Captain Toad! I only have the Wii U Version so have missed out on the extra levels that were added to the Switch version, but couldn’t quite justify buying it again (I swear you should get money off when that happens?!). I know it isn’t a difficult game but I really struggle with platfomers and was very pround of myself when I finished it!


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