Love Your Backlog

Later Levels and Lightning Ellen of Livid Lightning have come up with a great way to celebrate our backlogs and collections of games. I have talked about my backlog before in a negative sense and about games to play in order to combat it (most of which I then didn’t play). This is a lovely way to talk about my backlog in a fun, happy way.

We may as well not lie, most of us have a backlog of some description so why not see the positives and celebrate it.

Recently I have been thinking about why I love having games, including the unplayed ones, and the old ones that I just haven’t parted with since I first got them. Since I prefer physical copies of games I’m pretty sure I could make some impressive piles with them if I had them on display in that way. Sadly for a tidy and organised space this is not how I keep my games but it is tempting to see what it would look like. I realised that my backlog means several things, that I love this hobby, that I am in a good position where I am able to spend my money on this and want to support those who make the games, and that the collection is enjoyable as well as the actual playing of those games. Also, the really obvious point is that I always have a game on hand to try and one for every occasion.

Love Your Backlog
100+ games – Love Your Backlog

My issue is I can’t remember what is on my backlog in total as my games aren’t all visible so I can’t just look through. Well some of them, the backlogged ones at least, and although I have a spreadsheet of owned games I think (know) it needs updating. So the following are based on what I think is on my backlog.

Game most likely never to be played

Probably Left 4 Dead 2. Before anyone goes argh at me hear me out on this one. I still haven’t managed to finish Left 4 Dead. I am a scaredy cat. I have mentioned this once or twice and the only way I can play Left 4 Dead is daylight/all lights on, not anywhere near the time where I will sleep and co-op with Player 2 there with me. The reason why Left 4 Dead is not finished yet is because we don’t get much time to play that meets all my other requirements (especially the not anywhere near time where I have to sleep!). I want to finish the first and actually play the second but I don’t know if I will ever get there.

Shortest game

Grow Up (Xbox One). Apparently it should take about 4 hours to beat. That really isn’t that long, and yet it has been on my backlog since I got it from Games with Gold. Maybe I can get to this one sometime soon.

Longest game

Pretty much all of my backlog seems long at the moment! That may be because I’m still playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and at over 80 hours in I am miles from the end. Sure that is slightly my fault by diving so deep into the world that I want to do and see everything but the point is it is making every other game look long too. Back to the longest game on my backlog I will go with Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 and 2.5 Remix. Maybe cheating slightly as that is multiple games but it came in one case so I’m counting it.

Game which has spent the most time on the backlog

I dread to think. I honestly don’t know with this one. I think I put it out of my mind when I purchase games so I can’t remember. Taking a wild guess I will go with Hotel Dusk Room 215 (DS). I’m guessing it’s been on there the longest because it is for the DS. I have this on my list of owned games but I can’t remember getting it and definitely haven’t played it but maybe I will get to it one day. Maybe next month?

The person responsible for adding the most entries to your backlog

This has to go to Player 2. Since knowing him I have tried more games and also acquired so many more since his collection is joined with mine. So he is a bad influence clearly and the backlog problem must be his not mine.

Special mention goes to all those wonderful bloggers who I follow because you are all so good about telling me about games that I didn’t realise I would like to play until I read all of your posts. I mean since blogging so many games have been added to my games wishlist and backlog so you are all really good at the making me want games thing.

Thanks to the lovely Later Levels and Lightning Ellen for coming up with this and check out Kim of Later Levels backlog post, Ben of Later Levels post and Lightning Ellen’s post here as well to see what they still have to play.

So, what does your backlog look like? Let me know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Love Your Backlog

  1. Thanks so much for joining in! ❤

    I know exactly what you mean about Left 4 Dead… I think this might actually be in my library. I seem to recall buying it once to play with friends and then never picking it up again!


  2. MY bucket list of games is always growing. I play a game for a while then I always get ideas of something else I wanna play. Now a friend of mine is getting me back in all the Arkham games.


  3. My backlog is very large and I just keep adding to it haha! I’ve come to terms with it though. I keep track of all mine and my husband’s games with It’s saved us from buying games we forgot we had lol!!

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    1. Haha I have a spreadsheet of all our games to help with that as well. Though I think we have a few that I still need to add on… I’m glad you have been saved from buying games you already had. It’s always worthwhile trying to keep track of your games somehow when you have a large collection.

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