My month in games – January 2019

Welcome to another roundup of what I have been playing and doing. January has been a weird one for me. It’s been one of those everything and nothing months with lots of time and yet no time at all. However I did manage to post this month after I finished up the Blogmas posts which at one point I thought wasn’t going to happen.

As for games I am trying to play one at a time (per console). This is in a bid to finish more games and reduce my ah maybe I’ll play this for a bit or oooh should I play that. I have managed a month of that but then I’m debating trying to do the four in February challenge so that may go out the window for a month. Let’s get back to what I played in January first though!

On Xbox One I have been playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. I am about 45 hours in and Level 38 (or so). I am spending all my time running around and exploring everywhere and everything. I have completed a couple of bits of the main story obviously but I have so much left to discover. I foresee this game taking up a lot more time in February but Kassandra is amazing so I’m looking forward to all the time I play. Plus it is a beautiful game.

On Switch I played two games and completed both. Technically I completed 36 Fragments of Midnight as my last game completion of 2018 but I then did it again this month so I’m counting it again. Good fun and really frustrating when you die so close to the end… However, it is a fun and quick experience to enjoy when you have a few minutes for a successful run. Then I also got and completed Pic-a-Pix Pieces. Lots of Picross, lots of relaxing for me and lots of fun (for me at least!).

What games were you playing in January? Any gaming plans for February? Let me know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “My month in games – January 2019

  1. Currently have Assassins Creed Odyssey sat on my shelf waiting to be played and I can’t wait to get stuck in, but I’m on with God of War at the minute, and absolutely loving it!


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