Question of the Month January 2019

Later Levels is back with Question of the Month this year and some changes have been made, all the details are here if you are interested. The main point is we as a community create the ultimate video game through our answers.

This month we have been challenged with the element of settings and themes.


To consider what world my version of the Ultimate Video game would be set in I thought about what I had enjoyed setting wise in games I played last year. Honestly my favourite game settings were found in Spider-Man (New York), Assassin’s Creed Origins (Ancient Egypt), Forza Horizon 4 (various places in Britain) and Horizon Zero Dawn (Earth somewhere).

Each of these locations allowed you to explore somewhere familiar and yet different. Ancient Egypt was different in terms of time period and events, though I have never been it allowed me to be a tourist there as well as the whole assassin part of the game. Forza Horizon 4 took lots of separate areas of Britain and put them together so you could travel through these areas, again acting like you are a road tripping tourist, and driving places you never would normally. In Spider-Man we see an amazing recreation of New York where I can swing through the air and has a lot of added bad guys… I love the tourist meets action/racing that these games allow. Therefore, my video game setting would be based in the real world, sure it would probably need changes and additions to the setting but that is a topic for another month (most likely as it would relate to what the game is about).

So where would work well? The Assassin’s Creed series of games has unfortunately narrowed my choices for what I think would work well especially when I consider that with the Forza Horizon series. I don’t want to base this on the same place as an existing game that I love or have enjoyed.

This brings me to my location of choice. That would be Japan. Now Japan is a country that I have always wanted to visit and there are so many places of interest there which could make amazing landmarks. It is also a place that many people dream of visiting so could give people that as well as an amazing game experience.

This also has the variety from countryside, cityscapes and the shore which could work in different missions and areas for gameplay. As Japan has various islands as part of the territory as well as over 100 active volcanoes there is much to create and explore, even if only a small portion of this was used in game. In game lore could draw on the history and traditions of Japan in real life as this has so much which people could learn about.

This location would allow for several themes to be explored and could be considered in different ways depending on type of game. I guess I’m imagining this as the basis for a game that is either open world or is explorable at least in parts. There is much that could be done which I think makes it a fantastic location for the ultimate video game. Maybe one day!

So where and what setting would you choose for the ultimate video game? Check out Later Levels for some more Question of the Month posts and updates.

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