12 days of Blogmas!

On the seventh day of Blogmas

Happy new year readers! It’s 2019 and a shiny new year for all of us to enjoy and look forward to seeing how it progresses. I hope this year is a good one for us all.

Since it is a new year and a new day this is now the seventh day of AmbiGaming’s Blogmas event. There has been lots of gaming related carol singing in this event and it isn’t at the end yet. So without further ado…

12 days of Blogmas!

On the 1st day of Christmas, the gamers said to me: What are 12 favorite gaming memories?

On the 2nd day of Christmas, the gamers said to me: Tell us 11 games you love!

On the 3rd day of Christmas, the gamers said to me: What are 10 reasons you’d play a game?

On the 4th day of Christmas, the gamers said to me: Give us 9 games on your to-play list.

On the 5th day of Christmas, the gamers said to me: Eight characters you love!

On the 6th day of Christmas, the gamers said to me: Share seven of your favorite posts.

On the 7th day of Christmas, the gamers said to me: Tell us your six gaming/blogging resolutions.

Give myself a break

Since I’ve been on a bit of a break I have been beating myself up a little for taking it. I had plans, and those plans still stand as somewhere I want to get to, but they haven’t worked out (yet). However, if I need to take a break, have some writing and blog reading time off then I should be taking it. I have to be happy with what I produce, as well as able to do it. So this year I will remind myself that it is ok to not stick to a consistent schedule at times or “missing” post days or not being up to date on posts etc.

Play games for fun and not just for the blogging side

I generally don’t do this but I want to make sure that I’m not turning what games I play away from what I want to play in favour of a job style gaming time. As long as I play the games I want to play as well as anything I want to do for this blog (and if they coincide even better) then even better.

Try to complete as many games as I can

Basically, keep playing games and try to finish them. I would add a number to this but I’ve decided to keep this relaxing and do it as I manage. Maybe I will complete 5, maybe I will complete 25, either way I would be happy.

Blog (fairly) regularly

Writing this blog has been amazing for me. I know the last few months I have had big plans and not been up to putting them into practice. In fact I have barely been active. I just want to write more and post when I can. I need to see how things go with my health, with my work and managing my other hobbies and so on. Basically I just want to keep blogging.

Get involved in the community

I was quite active with reading other people’s blogs and commenting and I want to get back to that. I really miss this. Hopefully I can get into a routine in 2019 to read and comment more again. Also, getting involved in community events like this one when I can manage would be fantastic.

Try some new things

Both in gaming and in blogging. I haven’t worked out what this means specifically but maybe trying games that I wouldn’t normally play or doing different types of posts. I’ll work this one out along the way!

Remember to check out the other participants blogmas posts! What gaming and/or blogging resolutions do you have? Have you decided on any other general resolutions?

9 thoughts on “On the seventh day of Blogmas

  1. I’ve seen a few people recently talking about taking a break from blogging, and I think it’s something important to do sometimes. It’s time consuming to write, and it means you’re often playing games from an analytical perspective rather than for enjoyment. A little break will probably help with that.

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    1. Having the unplanned break the last few months has been good. I realised I was doing too much and needed some time just for me. So if I have to do that again then it is ok and I need to remember that I should be nice to myself as well. Just lifting the pressure that I put on myself for a bit is sometimes needed. Though not beating myself up when I do take a break is a work in progress!

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  2. Breaks are definitely important to take sometimes! Good luck with all your goals and have fun with them 🙂


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