12 days of Blogmas!

On the third day of Blogmas

It is Day 3 of AmbiGaming‘s Blogmas collaboration and I’m feeling festive in the most gaming way possible. I’m having great fun with my lists and the are lots more posts to come.

12 days of Blogmas!

Anyway my singing voice is getting lots of practice when you start these posts so without further ado…

On the 1st day of Christmas, the gamers said to me: What are 12 favorite gaming memories?

On the 2nd day of Christmas, the gamers said to me: Tell us 11 games you love!

On the 3rd day of Christmas, the gamers said to me: What are 10 reasons you’d play a game?

Because you want to

This is the obvious one and the main thing to remember. I mean there are so many reasons to play games but if it isn’t one you want to play then are you going to get as much out of it as you would with another.

It’s the next in a series you love

A line of balls from the Pokémon games
An Inktober 2018 drawing by The Gaming Diaries

We all have those games we love and diligently follow the series from one game to the next. For me it’s likely to be a Pokémon game. There are only a few I didn’t play originally from when I was a child but I still try to have a play of the new games because I grew up on Pokémon and still love it now.

Friends are playing it

This qualifies for multiplayer games mostly but also ones available for co-op. Sometimes you want to play with others and their game choices will influence you with games you try because you want to play with them.

A recommendation for you to play it

Sometimes our friends or someone will suggest a game for you because it is one that they think you will like. These personal recommendations are so worthwhile and can sometimes lead to you playing a fantastic game.

The characters

Sometimes you see a clip or a screenshot or a trailer and you can get drawn to a character. You might want to learn more about them or maybe you just want to interact more with them. Characters can make a game for you and I think that sometimes they can be a reason to play as well. I was excited for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate as you had two twin assassins to play as and seeing them made me want to play in addition to my other reasons.

You have borrowed it or been given it to try

Back in the day of rentals this was maybe done more but I used to borrow or be given games to try by Player 2 when we lived apart. This gave me a reason to try some games that I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen under different circumstances.

You tried the demo and enjoyed it

Again this was maybe a bigger thing years ago, however demos do still exist and can be very influential in your choice if you were on the fence before.


I know I talked about personal recommendations but the most influential people can be the other gaming bloggers I follow. This can make them absolute stars but also terrible influences when you want to save money (and get through some of your backlog!). Luckily the blogging community is fantastic and I forgive them for all the times they have added a game to my list of I want to play this games.

The art style

I love when games look pretty. This doesn’t necessarily mean beautiful in a realistic sense, just beautiful in it’s own art style. Like I think Stardew Valley is pretty beautiful because it has a style that works for it and I don’t think I’d like it to look realistic. I loved the style of What Remains of Edith Finch and how writing would float and disappear. Sometimes the style can work perfectly and really make you want to play.

Judging a game by its cover

I know, I know you should never judge a book by its cover. However, there are occasions when you are just drawn to a game due to the artwork on the case. Sometimes this is what makes you (or at least me) want to play a game. It is sometimes just a desire to learn more but it can convince you to play.

What reasons do you play games for? Remember there are other people taking part in this collaboration so go give their posts a read.

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