12 days of Blogmas!

On the first day of Blogmas

The supremely talented blogger Athena Veta over at AmbiGaming decided to come up with a fantastic Christmas project which I just had to take part in. This project takes us through the 12 days of Christmas with a gaming slant to it of course. This surely means either lots of gaming carolers or lots of gamers who have got sick of the traditional 12 days of Christmas song. Either way this is an exciting project! Without further ado…. *clears throat*

12 days of Blogmas!

On the 1st day of Christmas, the gamers said to me: What are 12 favorite gaming memories?

In no particular order my favourite gaming memories are:

Playing Halo 4 online with my other half for the first time

We lived far away from each other but having some time to play together was fantastic. This was my first time playing any Halo games but it has made Halo 4 have a special place in my heart. Plus it was a lot of fun with a lot of laughs especially when my dodgy headset meant I couldn’t speak (well he couldn’t hear me speak!) so friendly fire may have been used. Each time that meant I was possibly screeching to myself or both of us going I can hear you, I’m speaking to you so stop shooting.

Playing Pokémon for the first time

This was amazing in my childhood. For one the colour, albeit limited was fantastic, but exploring a world with all these creatures was something that has clearly stuck with me given I still get excited by the games. Plus I love the fact that you have all the facts about each Pokémon and they have their own abilities, traits and characters.

The time the chair got more perfect moves than me

Now this was either my birthday, Player 2’s birthday or Christmas time and I’m adding it here because it made me laugh so much. Basically I was, well, me and decided a brilliant thing to do would be to play one of the Just Dance games and Player 2 had a tiny bit of say in the matter (he got to say yes and choose a few songs). Anyway we were dancing along and doing well (sort of… maybe… in parts) and whatever song it was we were getting ok, poor or misses on the moves in one certain section. The chair nearby with a jacket hanging over it decided it wanted in on the action and could do better than us in that section. It started getting perfect marks on some moves. We beat the chair in total score but only because we did better elsewhere.

Those times where you read the instruction books over and over

Instruction manuals. Now they are a bit of a blast from the past but they used to be commonplace. More importantly for this memory is that they used to be the first thing I looked at. Quite a lot if the time these were the first things that I would look at. The artwork or descriptions or whatever brought you into the game world and I miss them now. Sure you have about 100 different websites covering everything from a game but it isn’t the same. That tangible booklet that you could read over and over or just keep was fantastic and now a fond memory.

Backseat gaming

My parents don’t play games. Though my Dad has been interested in watching me play games and my other half too. One Christmas in the last few years we were playing Trivial Pursuit and such other games that could be played by anyone. My other half and I were going through the questions with 2 AI joining in with the fun but my parents were both watching. We asked if they wanted to join in but they were enjoying just watching. At times my Dad was getting just as competitive as we were, especially when one of the AI started beating us. It was so nice having fun with all of us, even if 2 weren’t directly playing. It was just full of laughter when we got questions wrong or my parents were yelling out the answer or the AI started beating us.

Making daft names on Knowledge is Power and the photos for players

Again, another story that involves my Player 2 and it still won’t be the last one. Honestly, I think he just makes lots of gaming moments so funny and memorable. Anyway. I’m a little competitive and so is he. I love this game as it can be so funny. Firstly, when you start up you get to put your name and take a selfie with a filter depending on the player you have chosen to be represented by. Once after a bit of a losing streak, Player 2 changed his name from his actual name to The Master to be the opposite of what was happening and then he actually won against me and another friend with that name. Then there were spelling mistakes in names which were funny.

The Sims just being The Sims

So I basically spent my gaming time for a good while playing The Sims way back when it all began. I had several of the expansions and loved creating houses and families. Then there were the times that you just had to play God with your Sims. Yes someone may have accidentally drowned in a pool (I would never have removed the ladder and kept them swimming… ahem no proof of such a thing happening). Some families may have become somewhat dysfunctional because why not try to have one cheat on another and have a baby with the mistress who you move in because they are now a family too. Or when you decide to cause other drama in your Sims life.

Bringing colour to games

The Game Boy colour was so amazing to me. I went from the standard Game Boy with black and white games to this handheld that has the ability to play games with actual colour. These days colour is standard but it was a big thing when I got my first colour capable handheld.

Dancing to a different beat

Another dancing game memory but there are just so many laughs with them. On the Dance Central games you can play against each other on different difficulties. This was what Player 2 decided I must do so he could compete against me. He would play on the easiest difficult whilst I had to be on the hardest one. I remember doing a song that involved a lot of spinning for me on the hardest difficulty whilst no spinning at all on the easiest. However once I started doing a lot of spinning I then got a bit dizzy/tired. Every time it came to a spinning part I was going nooooo no more and laughing.

Seeing delightful memories in gaming shops

Yes I’m talking about overheard in a game shop. Specifically the moment with the little boy in his own world being a race driver. Sure it was sad as his dad wasn’t playing along but if was happy as seeing his joy was delightful. It also makes me think of my times as being an excited child in a gaming shop getting to look at all the games and getting to choose one.

Going back to old games and realising you can’t remember the controls

Oh Tony Hawks Pro Skater how I loved you. I played these games a lot as a child in amongst Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. At an event I saw the Tony Hawks Pro Skater games on PS1 and thought they I used to play that so why not have a go. Well dear readers there is a good reason not to. It is so difficult to come back to. Playing it at that event was hilarious and the contrast between my memories and how I was when I played again was drastic. Replaying old games that you have found memories of is fantastic but sometimes you realise that your skills are left well in the past. It comes with a lot of laughs though, that and no why won’t you do this when I ask.

Too many cooks

I have to mention Overcooked. It is fantastic and when you are playing through no matter what kitchen you are in there are so many good (bad) moments. I mean seriously who keeps going to these restaurants. The memories of yelling something that you would never normally even say is brilliant. It is still kind of competitive even though you are working together and just all the times laughing make this in one of my favourite gaming memories.

Do you have any favourite gaming memories like these? Check out the other bloggers memories too.

14 thoughts on “On the first day of Blogmas

  1. I loved reading this! And I hear you with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater… I was pretty good at that game back in the day, but no more… yikes. I’m surprised my skater still had skin on him by the time I was done with him the last time I played.

    And man, I still love instruction manuals! When I go to the shop, I always check the cases of used games and will always purchase one that has the instructions/inserts in them over an empty case, just because! haha


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