Solbot Energy Rush Review

A while ago I was contacted on Twitter by FreakoutGames, a developer of a new mobile game, who asked if I’d like to take a look. Well that intrigued me so I had a play and here is my thoughts on Solbot Energy Rush.

I’ll first admit that I generally don’t play mobile games, or if I do they are the puzzle sort so I have a crossword type game or word games and a mix of puzzles in one app. So playing a casual mobile game that is a more ‘game’ type game was a new one for me.

Game: Solbot Energy Rush
Developer: Freakout Games
Category: Mobile game

Screenshot_20181104-131224_Solbot Energy Rush.jpg

The aim of the game is to direct your little robot through levels where you collect coloured orbs, but only the ones with a golden circle around them (and match your suit colour). Collect the required ones in a good time to get a good score. It is simple to get the hang of though sometimes I would aim to move one space to the right or left and end up one over and then hit something I was trying to avoid, so potentially the controls are a bit more sensitive than I would have liked them to be.


I appreciate the message of energy sustainability where little tips or information is shown. It’s great to have a message such as this and a learning moment to be incorporated into a mobile game. Though I would like to have these featured a bit more between groups of levels or something like that as it is a great selling point but it isn’t obvious other than when you come back to the game for a new session.

Screenshot_20180924-105740_Solbot Energy Rush.jpg

I really enjoyed the text conversations that progress the story. It was a good way to do it and makes a nice way to present what is being said.

I’ve already mentioned that I found the controls a bit sensitive for me, but one other thing I want to mention is the colours chosen. I sometimes found if I was looking for ones with orange tones another orb could look very similar. This is perhaps my eyesight combined with my phone screen, though I can distinguish colours fine normally, so I wonder if someone with colour blindness or difficulties with certain colours looking too similar would be ok with certain levels.

This is a free mobile game, no in app purchases which is a welcome change. That said I did hit the adverts at the bottom of the screen by accident at times. However, this is fair enough given it is a free game.

Overall, Solbot Energy Rush is a simple to play casual mobile game which tries to insert some learning moments on energy sustainability. It is a good game for the times where you are waiting for (or on) public transport and if you have kids wanting to play a mobile game this one might be enjoyable for them.

Solbot Energy Rush is available on Play Store or the App Store.

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