It’s Charming and Open on Genres

The wonderful Ian of Adventure Rules, master of Blogger Blitz and creator of Charming and Open which I even took part in last year, has looked for some more people to do a Charming and Open event. I knew I had to take part. So I asked Ian a question about tabletop gaming and in turn he asked me a question.

The question I was asked is: “if you could remake an existing game/series in a completely different genre, what would you choose and how would it change?”.

This is an interesting one. A hundred games could come to mind and yet some of them are so hard to imagine in another genre. However, equally, those could be the most interesting as they are so defined as the genre they are but they could be more interesting to discuss.

I’m actually going to talk about Command & Conquer. I have to admit that I haven’t played any of these games before. My other half is a massive fan of them, well most of them, and I have watched as he has played some of them.

In case you don’t know, the Command & Conquer games are found within the real time strategy genre for the most part. I’m discounting Command & Conquer: Renegade as that was a first person shooter and the only game in the series to use a first person viewpoint.

Part of me thinks I shouldn’t be messing with this series, even on a hypothetical level as I know my most critical reader will be my other half and I openly admit that I haven’t played these games. This series is well loved and one of the earliest real time strategy games and one that has kept it’s following. However, I am still going to discuss what could make an interesting change.

Since the main idea is to construct bases and acquire resources, then produce forces who will then attack opponents bases and ideally conquer those bases. The cutscenes are such a vital part of Command & Conquer and I think that you could get a fun (not real time strategy) single player experience out of this whilst still retaining the amazing cutscenes.

The best description of the game that I would be interesting to see would be an action/adventure game. I would have the game follow say 2 characters, one who collects the resources and one who is on the front line as it were and goes in to attack the bases and conquer them as part of the forces. Your two characters would both need to be used well in order to ensure you have the right resources and have a strong enough army/forces in general to take on your opponents.

So the resource collecting would probably end up a bit of grinding and searching, but if you build enough you turn those resources into troops or abilities for the battle sections.

I guess the taking of base would end up being a general shoot-y and war type game which might not be the most exciting but it would work well with the story. Since I am thinking of this as a story with cutscenes and going from base to base to take over I would need an end game type thing. The end game I guess would be to defeat the ruler of the opposing army in their hardest base.

This probably isn’t the best thought out game or one that anyone else would be intrigued by. It also has the chance of just being a dull game that’s like a thousand others but it would keep elements of the originals whilst taking it into a different genre. Apologies to any Command & Conquer fans who are upset with my reimagining of a classic. Thanks to Ian for posing this question for me and make sure you go over to Adventure Rules to check out his response to my question.

4 thoughts on “It’s Charming and Open on Genres

  1. I haven’t played C&C myself, but if the reaction to the mobile game was anything to go by I feel like they’d be open to this just so they could forget about it, haha. I like the idea of switching back and forth between your resource character and your combat character – depending on the mechanisms you used for resource gathering, that could be a fun opportunity to do some puzzles or maybe navigation challenges to get breaks from combat. It’d be an interesting shift for a strategy series!


  2. I haven’t played these games myself but I have enjoyed similar titles. I can totally see these types of games being turned into an action/adventure game but when it comes to gathering resources I get the idea that it will need to follow a similar formula to something like, dare I say, Minecraft.

    Was a good read and you can tell that you thought a lot about it.


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