Inktober 2018 Week 3

Welcome to my third week of Inktober drawings and the full reveal of all the images that I have shared on Twitter and Facebook (when the images have shared properly as I have had some issues this week!).

Day 15: Fizzie from Sunset Overdrive


I can’t remember why this came into my head when I was looking for ideas but it did. The only problem was his eyes came out a little odd as he is a balloon and that doesn’t seem to translate well in my drawing but hey it is something different. I had a lot of fun with Sunset Overdrive. I might get it out to play again sometime.

Day 16: Overwatch symbol

I decided this one needed colour. I have played this fairly recently after a long break and it is still fun. I’m not highly skilled in any description but it is a great game to have some fun with.

Day 17: Harry Potter Snitch


I had to get a Harry Potter drawing in here somewhere. There have been so many Harry Potter games that it counts as a gaming drawing as well as a geeky one, I think a snitch has such a lovely design and I love the idea of trying to search for this during a match just to try to win or just end the match.

Day 18: A Pokéball, Great Ball and Ultra Ball from Pokémon


Yes another Pokémon related drawing, but I needed a fairly quick and easy drawing on this day and this felt perfect. They didn’t come out as round as I intended but they look quite nice to me. I love the designs for some of the other types but I’m going to try not to do them this month.

Day 19: Rayman


I have so many memories of playing Rayman years back and even more recently (last few years so recently might be the wrong word!) with Legends and Origins. I’m actually quite proud of this drawing as I think it came out really well (if I do say so myself) but considering Rayman has a selection of body parts with none attached to each other it looks recognisable as Rayman.

Day 20: Snoopy as in Snoopy’s Grand Adventure


I played this game and it’s a good bit of fun. A nice easy to play game. Plus the sweetness of collecting jelly beans and playing as Snoopy who is just adorable.

Day 21: (A little scary looking) Spyro the Dragon


I love Spyro. I am so excited about the release of the Reignited Trilogy so decided I had to try to draw Spyro. It didn’t come out as I had imagined but I tried and it is my little Dragon friend.

I might not be as regular with sharing sneak peeks on social media this week but I will try. If in doubt wait for my Inktober posts like Week 1 and Week 2 on Mondays up until the end of this challenge.

Let me know any favourite drawings in the comments or any characters that you would like me to include.

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