Screenshot Saturday: A Costume Doesn’t Hide Feelings

I’m a big fan of the Life is Strange games, though I haven’t played the newest ones as I want to be able to go through all episodes without big waits (I’m not good at episodic games unless I know I have the ability to play them all one after the other even if I then don’t). The games create these characters that you become connected to and then makes you make some difficult choices, some emotional ones and do some fun things like graffiti on a mirror in Life is Strange: Before The Storm.

I played Life is Strange: Before the Storm earlier this year on Xbox One and loved learning more about Chloe and Rachel. I found the section devoted to the play hilarious especially when Chloe ends up involved. Sometimes a costume can hide a lot, but it doesn’t always stop your feelings and expressions being seen.

Good luck Chloe!


7 thoughts on “Screenshot Saturday: A Costume Doesn’t Hide Feelings

      1. I totally flubbed it because I had no clue that we were actually supposed to memorize that script as part of gameplay. Chloe looked like an utter fool 😛


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