Inktober 2018 Week 2

If you checked out my post last Monday then or my September gaming and news posts then you will be aware that I am completing my own version of Inktober this month.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you will have seen some sneak peeks again and you are hopefully here to check the images out in full. So here are my fully revealed images from last week for you all to see.

Day 8: BB-8 and Rebel Alliance/Resistance logo (Star Wars)


It is the 8th day (or the BB-8th day) and I felt that it would be the best day to represent Star Wars. Yes, strictly speaking BB-8 and the resistance are from a film franchise, however Star Wars spans books, films, games, TV shows, comics and toys so definitely needs a mention here. BB-8 is one of my favourite droids.

Day 9: Rabbid Peach


Who doesn’t want a selfie with Rabbid Peach? I really love the attitude of her and the design of her as she is taking a selfie was just too good a chance to pass up. I’m quite happy with the way she came out and I like the way she looks as a line drawing.

Day 10: Sea of Thieves logo


Whilst I haven’t always had the best of experiences with Sea of Thieves I love the logo. I was really excited for this game to release and actually got the Xbox One Sea of Thieves controller as I really loved the design. I haven’t stuck with it as I don’t have any friends that play and I prefer to play with people I know but I appreciate what Rare have done with the game.

Day 11: Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Korok


Yahaha! You found me! Yes it is the cheery little characters who you have to search for as you then receive the Korok seeds that you are looking for. I haven’t played Breath of the Wild lately but I definitely had to immortalise one of these characters. I was wary of putting too much of the detail in here as I didn’t want to ruin the look and I am quite happy with the balance of this. In my save for Breath of the Wild I still have hundreds to find, I really don’t want to know how many exactly, but I love seeing them when you do find them.

Day 12: Mass Effect Renegade and Paragon symbols


If you have played Mass Effect you will be familiar with these. Which side did you fall on? I have always gone the Paragon route, with some occasional Renegade actions which mostly occurred by accident (you know when you interpret a response differently to what actually comes out of Shepard’s mouth). I want to do a full Renegade run through to see what happens but I also know that I am unlikely to be able to do it as I default to the “good” actions as I am a nice person in games. I love the designs of these symbols and have seen them work really well in tattoos (no, not me but I have seen people with them before).

Day 13: Super Lucky’s Tale


This drawing takes the image from the cover of Super Lucky’s Tale on Xbox One. This is a game that I got for a present a while ago but still haven’t managed to play through (as though that is a surprise to any gamer). However, I love how happy Lucky looks and just had to draw this image. One day I will get started with this game… maybe even this year. It looks so much fun and just a happy game.

Day 14: Yoshi


I love Yoshi. I have the Wooly Yoshi amiibos and adore them. There is just something about Yoshi that brings happiness. He is getting a game for the Switch next year which I have been looking forward to for a while, basically since I heard that there was going to be one, and I can’t wait to see what that is like. I thought I’d draw Yoshi with his tongue stuck out because it is just so fun and a bit of a laugh. He is still so recognisable.

What drawings did you like most from this week? Are you hoping I draw something from any specific games next week? Let me know in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Inktober 2018 Week 2

  1. Holy wow, these are really good! Are you picking characters just based on preference or are they related to the prompts list?

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    1. Based on my preference and what I feel like drawing. I have a list of characters and logos that I thought of before the month started to choose from, but some of the drawings I have done haven’t been on that list that I came up with but came to mind and I decided to do that instead. Any connection to the standard prompts is purely coincidental.

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      1. That’s cool! When I’ve tried to do Inktober in the past I always used the prompts, so I appreciate folks who are able to come up with their own ideas day in and day out.

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      2. I was worried that if I did the official prompts I would feel uninspired by a days prompt and then lose the way with it. Especially if I was trying to make it gaming/geeky takes on the official prompts. Whereas this way I have been able to draw what I have felt like and when I want to as I still have a list that I made up to choose from but I have a little freedom to do them when I want to.

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      3. That’s smart! For a hobby where motivation is so significant, you want to make sure you plan ahead to be excited about every idea you put on the page. I’m the same way with articles for my blog.

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  2. These are amazing, I particularly like the one of Yoshi, it is super cute!

    I really think you should make lots of those Korok drawings and hide them in books and drawers and stuff around the house and wait to see player 2’s reaction when finding them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      Haha I could do lots of little Korok drawings and hide them… very tempting. That could be a task for after this month is over! I’ll just try to get a drawing a day done and then I can see about making little drawings to hide.

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  3. These are fantastic.

    I really like Sea of Thieves, but as a fan I also am infuriated with it more than not these days. The Forsaken Shores especially seemed horribly unbalanced, and the volcanoes and area are ridiculous to deal with.

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  4. I went mostly Paragon is Mass Effect, but some Renegade responses just needed to happen on purpose, haha. Fantastic work again this week!!

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