Screenshot Saturday: A Day by the Lake

Today I decided to delve back into screenshots that I have had for ages. I have used this in a post where I mentioned starting and stopping this game. It is a beautiful view, and I would love to be by a lake like this in real life with this sort of view.

The game is Firewatch which I was playing on Xbox One. It is a game that lots of people love and it sounds like a great game. I wasn’t expecting the emotional beginning and story that just pricked me a bit too close to home. I mean it’s a different thing but there are some similarities (if that makes sense) that I had to put it down. As of yet I haven’t returned to this game but I do want to. Maybe one day I will.


Ah that view is beautiful.

Have you played Firewatch? Are there any games that you have had to stop for an unexpected reason?

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