Telltale Memories

As I’m sure everyone now realises Telltale Games have terminated their amazing staff and are in the process of folding.  I love the Telltale Games games that I have played so when I saw this news I was so disappointed and so hurt that the staff have been treated in the way they have.  They had such a way with characters and playing with your emotions that meant that every journey you went through was something special.


Their games weren’t perfect particularly when Javi’s backpack didn’t render properly in my play through and kind of spoilt my view in certain scenes.  However I still hold these games in a special place in my heart because of the stories.


In the aftermath of the Telltale news there has been a call for Telltale memories to show the developers, writers, artists, voice actors/actresses and anyone else involved in these games can see what they meant to us as fans.  These are some of my favourite memories and favourite tales from Telltale.


All I need to say is one name.  The one name that is forever a treasured Telltale memory.  Clementine. Clem. The one and only. In particular, Clem and Lee in series one.  Their relationship is so sweet and seeing Lee help Clem learn how to survive and Clem show Lee hope and love.  The final goodbye between them is one of the most heart breaking moments and I was so unprepared for all those feelings.  That is the moment that made the first game for me. There were so many other little touches, like Lee cutting Clem’s hair to help keep her safe and becoming her role model and protector even though he didn’t have to be that made me love both of them.  

I have seen Clem as a character grow and mature into this strong, determined young woman who will do whatever she has to in order to survive. She is such a wonderful character and everyone who brought her to life deserves such credit. I’m sad to know that I won’t know how her story ends but I am so grateful to have had so many experiences with her along the way.


The biggest surprise for me was Tales from the Borderlands.


I have no background with Borderlands as a series but I played this game and wow it was fantastic.  I met all these funny, quirky characters who I fell in love with. This rag-tag team that came together made me laugh made me gasp and nearly made me cry at several points (may have actually made me cry).  There were simple moments that were so beautiful like giving Sasha the flower. I loved Gortys, no one reason but Gortys was just so cool. I loved the way each character was introduced. I loved the ending.



I can’t do this post without mentioning seeing Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy sitting amongst the flowers and them growing on him.  Now this is special to me because it is so sweet and simple. It didn’t need anything else, this moment was one tree and his flowers and the smile on his face was all that mattered.  There were great moments with each character but this was my favourite.


I mean look at that face!

Of course, the Batman games need a mention too.  


The best Batman Telltale moments from these games for me were the relationship between Bruce and John.  It was a tragic tale but their friendship was something else. The portrayal of John throughout was wonderful and some simple moments like the ones below were just fantastic.  The other thing for me was Selina, Catwoman, I loved every time you got to interact with her.  This was also true with Harley Quinn as her expressions and attitude were great in the Second series. 

Finally, a Telltale moment that made me laugh and feel like I was playing a fantastic practical joke.  This was when you get the opportunity to offer nice algae cakes to. I mean why wouldn’t you want to cause some mischief and give people green teeth.  Thanks Back to the Future for this one.

Thank you to absolutely everyone who has been involved in working on any of these games and the other Telltale games.  I truly mean thank you to anyone and everyone even if you might think you didn’t really create this memory but if you were involved even tangentially then you impacted it in some way.  We love these characters but you have worked with them, lived them and created their world. I hope that you all end up ok and that you remember how much your games have meant to me (and other fans) and how we support you all.

What was your favourite Telltale moment? Let me know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Telltale Memories

    1. That’s one of their games that I haven’t played before but I hear so many good things about it so I’m sad that you and other fans won’t see a sequel and the staff won’t be able to continue that story.

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  1. Haha, I’m actually playing Back to the Future for the first time. It’s insanely hilarious!
    Out of curiosity, did you have Clementine kill Lee at the end of Season 1?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Back to the Future has so many funny moments but I seriously liked giving people green teeth.

      I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want Clem to have to go through that. Not that turning away was better but I didn’t want her to be the one to kill him. Though I have always thought about doing another play through making different choices to see how the story unfolds differently.

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