September 2018 gaming (and news)

Well, as you may have been able to guess, my blogging break got a little bit of an extension. In some ways this was good but I have missed you all. I do have lots of ideas, draft posts and notes to create posts so assuming I keep on track I should be making a proper return soon.


A very quick welcome to my new followers and sorry for not producing much content since many of you began following.  A very big thank you to everyone who is following me now.


First up, my news.  I will returning to blogging slowly and adding in posts, particularly series, as I feel ready to.  The plans are to begin posting Fandom Friday posts which will cover gaming as well as other geeky things I love so you can learn a bit more about me through the things I love.  Some of the prompts are giving me plenty of gaming options as well as gaming options so some prompts will be split into two posts one all gaming and the other all other geeky fandoms.  Of course you can guess the day that these will be posted. Another regular series I wish to start is one where I share some of my screenshots, I’m planning this for either a Saturday or Sunday post day (I can’t pass up the alliteration).  I have lots of screenshots that I don’t generally share so this will be my opportunity. Though I am also planning some blog posts that cover groups of screenshots for certain games, just because I love the look and want to group some of these (this may fall on my post day or could be an added extra).


Obviously I will be continuing with my usual gaming posts and rambles about games and trying to take part in Question of the Month or other community posts.  I also want to share with you some of my Lego projects, which I have been using to help with my depression and anxiety, and talk about my health (mental and physical) to raise awareness as well, although these will be less frequent I feel it is important for me to open up and to try to share so people can understand.  These will also form part of explaining what gaming means to me and how that helps with such a wide range of things.


I haven’t decided on “other” post day(s) yet but once I do I will probably announce my schedule, if it is going to be strict, on Twitter/Facebook so follow me there to check it out (or wait and see what happens here, you know that works too).  All my posts get shared on Twitter and Facebook so if you want to follow there to make sure you keep up to date please do.



I am taking part in Inktober, which takes place next month, obviously, and have made my own geeky (predominantly gaming) selection of characters, motifs and logos etc which will form my prompts.  I have a few extra in case I change my mind or need a “quick” option on a given day. I had been debating how to post these as I decided I will share all my drawings although that is kind of scary so keep an eye out for these posts.  Thanks to the good folks over on social media I have chosen to post a week’s worth of drawings at a time but I will be posting sneak peeks through the week on social media to give you all a hint of what will be coming. This may not be of every drawing but there will be some.  The weekly post will occur on a Monday to cover 7 days worth of drawings for ease.


Ok so that is enough news for now!  The main part of this post was meant to be what I played this month.




I have played Picross S and Picross S2 (NS) quite a lot. I have finished up all the standard puzzles and in the case of S2 I also finished the Clip Picross puzzles.

Now onto the Mega Picross puzzles which I don’t enjoy as much but I am still going to work my way through.


I did a tiny bit more Crash Bandicoot (NS).


Honestly this was just a tiny bit because overall my gaming time has been a bit limited, although as I’m writing this list I realise that may not be obvious.  I think I talk about Crash Bandicoot enough so will move on.


We did some 2 player recently and 3 player with a friend.  So one on one with Rocket League (Xbox One) which was taken in turns.  It has been ages since any of us played Rocket League and it was so much fun.  Also shout out to Clipper the bot who helped me get to victory. Fantastic goalscorer and definitely my MVP.  We also played Knowledge is Power (PS4) which was a great laugh for lots of reasons. None that would make sense to anyone else but it was such a laugh.


I may have ended up with Spider-Man (PS4).  No idea how that happened as obviously I wouldn’t buy another game when I have so many unfinished…. Ahem, anyway. So I have been swinging my way around the city and having fun with that.  Once again it’s a sort of let’s look at getting collectibles and ooh side mission game for me but I have only just started this.  It seems like a good game so far and looks amazing.


And finally, I also played a little Yakuza 0 (PS4).  I can’t saying much further with the story because, as usual, I end up distracted by all the minigames.  I am still thoroughly enjoying this and am really looking forward to seeing how the story ends up and to move on to Yakuza Kiwami.


What have you been playing this month?  Are you looking forward to my new posts appearing and me blogging more again (hopefully yes!)?  Let me know in the comments.

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