Press Pause

I couldn’t think of a witty title for this post despite my best efforts (or at least a tiny bit of thinking).

Basically this is just a little post to say that because of some real life busyness, general health things needing a touch more focus to deal with them and, well, being an adult I will be taking at least this week and next off from posting. I’m not sure about the week after that, it is the plan to begin posting then but as always with life we just need to see how things go for me.

I will hopefully be keeping up to date (or as close to) with your postings and will be available to contact on Twitter/Facebook pages.

I’ll be back soon and hopefully in a better way!

5 thoughts on “Press Pause

    1. Thanks. I know everyone will be here when I return to writing and posting. Just think its better to have a bit of time off rather than try to put pressure on myself to keep writing/posting. Hopefully a little bit of time will help improve things for me. Plus I can try to catch up on blog comments and blog reading.

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  1. Yeah the feeling the need to keep posting and get back to a regular routine etc was making things hard. So add in the health/mental health stuff, family visiting and trying to get various adult real life things done putting writing on hold is the best thing for now. I still have my ideas, drafts and will probably end up with more ideas by the time I start writing. Hopefully there will be less pressure and I can get more writing done to a point I’m happy with it (also hopefully being in a better place mentally would be good but that is going to be a slower process but I can try to work on that).


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