August 2018 games

This month was a great month for my blog, my blog turned one and I’m still writing. It turned out that despite my best intentions of sticking to one game per console on the go at one time I could only keep this up for half the month and I reverted to my usual ways. However I did manage to complete a game so it can’t be all bad.

Enter the only HZD screenshot I have moved from the PS4…

I completed Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) and the Frozen Wilds DLC. There are a few things I could go back to, an errand, some hunting challenges and specific things for trophies should I wish to do that. I love this game, I love Aloy and I want to go back and play it again soon but not too soon.

Since finishing that I have gone on to start Yakuza 0 (PS4). Since hearing so many people talk about this game I decided I had to give it a go. I’m not too far in at the moment and will see how it goes. I have also had a few games of Knowledge is Power (PS4), this brings out my competitive nature and it is good fun (especially if I win). Honestly this is such a laugh, I really want to play it with 6 people (the maximum) so now just to find 5 willing victims *ahem* players.

I have been dropping in and out of Overwatch (Xbox One) at least at the start of the month and started L.A. Noire (Xbox One). I’m honestly not sure what I think of L.A. Noire yet, I’m going to see how it develops and what I think as I move on in the game.

As usual, at least at this point in the year, I’m dipping in and out with Crash Bandicoot N-sane Trilogy (NS mainly but occasionally Xbox One). I am playing this slowly, so I can savour the experience and also so I don’t get too frustrated by my multiple deaths within the same level. I have also been playing some more Picross S (NS) and Picross S2 (NS) for some puzzles. I love these puzzles and can be perfect for distracting me. Stardew Valley (NS) has allowed me to visit for a few days here and there, just for a nice relaxing place to go. This is a game you can just go to and have a chilled time in town, go fishing, explore the cave, make friends or just tend to your farm. Sometimes this is exactly what you need.

Finally, I had a little bit of a dance on Just Dance 2018 (Xbox 360) this month. I love the dancing so much even if I am not that good at them. It is great to find the energy and dance around the room though.

What have you been playing this month? Anything good? Let me know in the comments.

27 thoughts on “August 2018 games

    1. I got the complete edition new for about £15-20 (I can’t remember the exact price) which for me was worth it. The Frozen Wilds DLC adds a nice extra bit of story, some more places to explore and more machines so if you can get it I would say do it. You also get new skills and weapons which are cool. I had a great time with the DLC so I think it is worth it but because I got the complete edition I don’t know how much it costs so it depends on what you want to pay.


      1. Yea Im struggling on 2 levels in world 5. The one where everyone is on the platform that moves is a killer. I only 2 starred it.. Going for the 3rd and unlocking All Kevin levels haha


      2. Thanks. I have been lol. Today is the day I try and conquer that level with some friends. Once I complete that one and another one, I can check that achievement off of the list haha

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  1. Yakuza 0 is fantastic, one of the best games on PS4 and one of my favourite games of all time. It’s a bit slow to start off but push through it and you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic story and hilarious sub stories.

    L.A. Noire isn’t for everyone. I still remember the “this isn’t GTA so this is bad” comments from 2011. I love L.A. Noire a LOT. I’ve 100% the game twice and played through it several times. It’s fantastic and there’s not many games like it.

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    1. I think I’m about Chapter 8 in Yakuza 0 but I keep being distracted by Karaoke, Cabaret, arcades and all the rest of it haha. I’m really enjoying it. Some of the substories are so funny.

      I remember those comments but I haven’t played GTA of any form so I wasn’t looking for that. I think I’m finding the flashbacks odd at the start of the game, almost like I feel like I have missed something. I need to keep going with it as I like the idea of it. Though I’m tending to spend more time on Yakuza 0 at the moment.

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      1. That’s the brilliance of the Yakuza series. It’s a got a fantastic balance of the serious and the wacky. Karaoke is fantastic, I found the Pocket Car Racing to be very addictive.

        I found the flashbacks in LA Noire weird at first but don’t worry, they make sense at the end of the game.

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      2. I had only just found the Pocket Car Racing and I can tell that I will be spending a lot of time there. It is such a good balance of serious story and wacky stuff.

        I’m sure they will make sense but at the beginning it just seemed odd. I will keep going with it but Yakuza is the one of the two I’m drawn to most but I will head back to LA Noire. I want to see what these flashbacks mean.

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      3. The Pocket Car Racing replaced the Karaoke as my favourote activity, it’s just brilliant fun.

        L.A. Noire is a slow game but personally, I like the slower pace of it. The story really picks up when you start the Homicide cases.


  2. I just completed Ni No Kuni 2 (PC) and it was amazing. I loved every bit of it. I also completed Skyrim (again) for the first time on the Switch and I’ve been playing Octopath Traveler on and off. That’s about it. I’m thinking about jumping back into ESO soon.

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      1. I haven’t been keeping up with peoples posts lately but I’m off to check out your review now. It’s a game that really interests me even though I haven’t played a previous Ni No Kuni game.

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      1. We should play together at some point (if you don’t mind playing with a newbie). What keeps me out of OW is mostly anxiety lmao, although the community is generally okay.


      2. I wouldn’t say I was skilled haha. I’m practically a newbie since I drop in and out of it so any skills I have I forget and have to rebuild again when I return. I’m quite low level as well considering when I first played it to now.


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