The Best and Worst of Crash

So it is no surprise that I am still playing Crash Bandicoot N-sane Trilogy and I am determined to get at least a sapphire relic for each level and the gem. This may be easier if I stuck to the one version of the game but I feel like I need to play both, though the Switch version is getting a little more love at the moment. Yes, there have been a few attempts where I could scream but I’m good (mostly). It did get me thinking of the best and worst things about Crash Bandicoot. The problem is the best and worst elements overlap a lot for me.

The death animations

Surely everyone has seen one of these before. They involve you being eaten by plants, flattened by a barrel, electrocuted, burnt to a pile of ash, becoming an upset Angel Crash and so on. There really is something for every occasion, even if that is just his shoes being thrown into the air. These charming animations can make you smile even through an untimely death.

I say can, they don’t always because when you get killed for the umpteenth time by the same thing you get a little sick of the animation that comes along with it. Just let me get past that bit please, Crash jump that bit further, not hit into something and most certainly don’t fall to your death.

Hog wild/any level where you ride an animal or Boulders/any level where you are chased by something

I think these levels are a bit like Marmite. You either love them or hate them. Your plan and reaction times are basically non-existant and you have to jump and hope for the best that you jumped at the right time and there is something to land on. I love these levels. I remember these levels the best and I remember finishing some of them for a friend back in the day because I really enjoyed them. I still do. These levels were the easiest for me to get all the boxes and get a gold or platinum relic coming back to them as it’s all about routine and you can’t over think it. I love them. At least I love the ones I have redone recently.

The special gems

I’m going to the worst here because these gems are just the worst. They are an amazing challenge, which I love, but when you get through about 90-95% of a level to die in the last bit and finish up to this screen because you died once and otherwise would have received the gem it is a little disappointing (insert stronger description as you desire). Nonetheless they do encourage you to work hard and collect them… now where was I with my practicing? These gems are worthwhile as they open up secret paths and therefore can go get the gem for collecting all the boxes in other levels.

That box that you just can’t find

When you finish a level and realise that you were so very close to finishing with a perfect. One box away because it is hidden to the side or in a place that you can’t see but have to bounce extra high to. Or three boxes as in my screenshot.

They have hidden the boxes very well. One day I will get all the boxes in every level. Maybe. Hopefully. I will try anyway.

The challenge

Everything I have mentioned so far adds in to this. The Crash Bandicoot games are a challenge. They are great but they are not the most relaxing depending on your skill level. Though it is a fantastic sense of accomplishment when you complete a new level, get that gem or that relic that you had your eye on. I love the challenge and hate the challenge depending on how well I am doing (and how stressed I am at the time). Whether your challenge for the game is to collect everything or just get through each level there is a challenge for everyone and that is something pretty special.

What are your best and worst bits of Crash Bandicoot N-sane Trilogy? Let me know in the comments.

12 thoughts on “The Best and Worst of Crash

    1. I know. It’s when you missed so many that Crash ends up flattened and I feel guilty. Though when it is one box I then spend so much time trying to work out where that missed one was. The boxes are a brilliant challenge and yet so, so annoying.

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  1. I’m currently playing the Trilogy on PC. I spent endless hours as a kid playing all the Crash games. Gives that awesome sense of nostalgia when the music plays and you hear that weird cross between and eating and slurping sound when collecting the apples. I also forgot how difficult the game is!

    The mechanics remind me a bit of Dark Souls in the sense of learning from your mistakes. And rinse and repeat. But endless fun nonetheless. I agree with you though when you say that the games are a challenge!

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    1. I spent so many hours playing them as a child as well. I definitely forgot how difficult they were or my memory kindly decided to gloss over that bit. You definitely need to learn from your mistakes and it takes time but I’m sure I (and anyone else playing) will get there eventually.

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