Stardew Valley town celebration with all townspeople.

Question of the Month August 2018

Last month I made people go to a wedding so it only seems right that this month we spend time thinking of family. Thankfully Brandon at That Green Dude has just the question for us as part of Question of the Month, specifically: “Many of us say that we would like to live in a video game world but surely we would have a family. My question is, which video game characters would be a part of your family in a gaming world of your choice?

I will begin this with my gaming world to live in. As much as I am loving the land in Horizon Zero Dawn (and spending lots of time there!) there is a slight issue with it. You know giant machines who can be a touch on the angry side and bad guys who are never pleased to see you. Let’s move on from there. It is beautiful but not where I would say was a family place. So more appropriate would be Mushroom Kingdom, preferably in the Castle. I’m not so sure of Peach would mind this, she might not want to share with anyone and being a landlord may mess with her Princess duties (and become confused when Bowser starts one of his kidnapping attempts). My actual place to live would be the lovely Stardew Valley. It is nice and safe with some friendly townsfolk so it seems like a wonderful place to stay with your family.

Lots of friendly villagers to make friends with! Events to attend and things to do.

For the video game characters who I would choose as part of my family, I’m going to go with create an “average” family (Mother, Father, Sister and Brother).

Starting with the siblings, I would choose Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn) and Professor Kukui (Pokémon Sun and Moon).

Plus look at her hair – can she teach me please?!

With Aloy being late teens and the Professor unknown there could be a big age difference and all I know is that these are who I would choose. Aloy for obvious reasons, the outcast girl, the child with no mother or connection to the tribe, the girl who is wrongly overlooked. She deserves love and a true family, not that Rost was not family but for her to be treated as an equal and member of a tribe (or family) would be good for her. Plus she is so strong, smart and just an amazing young woman. I decided on Professor Kukui because then I could talk to him about Pokémon and his research, also as his wife is also in that world that brings more family members to talk about Pokémon with. He also treats everyone as a friend and part of his family in a great way. He is accepting and even with his day job as Pokémon Professor and his side gig as a Pro Wrestler he still takes the time to help and guide trainers. I think he would make a good sibling to Aloy and both would be able to help each other grow as people.

The parents for my mix and match family are just as mix and match as the kids. I would want to take Bayek (Assassin’s Creed Origins) and Commander Shepard (Mass Effect).

Bayek is a proud father and does everything he can to keep a promise to his son whilst avenging those who killed poor Khemu. Bayek deserves a true family life and a second chance to be what he wanted to be. He is a strong protector and has lots to teach. Command Shepard, whether you choose male or female variety though I am specifying the female variety, is a strong willed, confident character who has to go through more than most. I mean truly thrown in at the deep end and doubted pretty much every step of the way. She deserves to have the love and support of family through everything. Yes through the Mass Effect trilogy she has support of her crew but a true family I think is well deserved.

Of course, for me, a family isn’t complete without a fluffy pet friend. For this I had to choose Hammond aka Wrecking Ball (Overwatch). I need a pet in a family so this mix and match family should take a little hamster into their lives and show him love.

Also known as I would love to meet all these characters and they are some of my favourites. However I think for various reasons these people (and hamster) deserve a happy family life and I would like to give them that opportunity.

Who would you choose for a video game family? If you have an answer you have time to take part with all details found here.

What do you think of my choices of family members? Let me know in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Question of the Month August 2018

  1. 1000 times yes for Bayek. He deserves a second chance at being a father. We saw in Origins that he was a great dad to Khemu. One of the best characters in Assassin’s Creed.

    Stardew Valley always seems so nice and loads of people say it is wonderful game. I need to play it at some point.

    Thank you for answering. 🙂

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    1. I just wanted him to get a happy ending with family because he clearly loved Khemu and Aya and wanted to be the best father. He deserves another chance and could give so much to his family.

      Stardew Valley is just so relaxing. You can dip in and out of it which is great and there are different things to spend your time doing. It is great.

      Thanks for asking such a great question!


  2. As Stardew Valley being one of my favourite indie games, it would definitely be the place to live. I chose Abigail cause she likes videogames, but didn’t get to start a family in my playthrough. But tending to my farm in a relaxing place with a wonderful wife sounds amazing. Definitely choose there.

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    1. I love Stardew Valley as well. Having my farm and being able to do whatever with that is just so relaxing. I love the options for other things to do as well. It definitely seems like the best video game place to live.

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  3. Yess I agree with Stardew Family! Nice choice for a pet. I would probably choose the white wolf in Okami 😀


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