Question of the Month July 2018 Roundup

Question of the Month July 2018 has been and gone, I chose my winner but I wanted to take the time to highlight the wonderful answers that people came up with in case anyone missed out on these.

I was the star blogger for Later Levels Question of the Month with the following question:

It is coming into wedding season, if the shops and people I know are anything to go by. So in that spirit, you and a plus-one are attending the gaming wedding of the year. Which video game character do you take to the wedding and which character gives you advice on what to wear?”

I had nine wonderful bloggers suggest answers, most on the side of good but a couple of people decided to cause some mischief at the wedding they were invited to. I suspect these two won’t be invited to any video game weddings any time soon. They made very good answers though because who doesn’t like reading about video game mayhem.

I will start with the one who organises it all. The lovely Kim at Later Levels, check out her Sam and Max suggestion but be warned that the bride may never speak to you again. I mean I say Kim is lovely but she definitely has a mischievous side if this answer is anything to go by!

Ian at Adventure Rules came along with I think the most wholesome answer of the lot. We have a fantastic character to get him and his plus one dressed to perfection and the sweetest idea for a plus one. I mean weddings are well known for being places that people meet so why not take a plus one with the intention of helping them find romance or at least someone they got on with. Check out his answer here.

Brandon at That Green Dude went to the level of choosing the wedding in which he was going to be attending, a choice which was very personal for him in terms of characters that he goes for. If you want characters to get the happy ending that they may not get in “real” video game life then go visit his post here. I loved his choices for his plus one and person to assist with fashion advice because they meant something to him.

The Zerathulu View chose to highlight what sort of fashion choices have been personally made and why some fashion advice could be necessary. That could be some people’s opinions, check out a picture of the snazzy shorts in question. But we aren’t here to highlight Zerathulu’s actual fashion choices are we? Back to the topic at hand, the plus one chosen is the guy that can keep a conversation going even over long distances so in person would be even better. So who was chosen? Check it out here.

Nana Marfo takes some inspiration from another blogger for the fashion advisor. The character chosen certain sounds like she will be a great choice to choose the perfect outfit for a wedding. The reasoning behind the plus one is intriguing to me as someone who as of yet still hasn’t played the game that the character is from. “To get him to realise some feelings”… intriguing. Anyway I have tried not to spoil this one so check out who was chosen here.

Bandicoot Warrior had to get that Fallout character mention but for his clothing assistant. Always be true to yourself no matter what. His plus one would definitely have lots of stories to tell so I don’t think there would be any awkward silences and he could probably make sure no one was feeling left out. Check out his suggestions here.

OverThinker Y came along very quickly with an answer. One fashion advisor who may or may not be holding a grudge from a certain fashion event that I was a judge in. He is a fashionable man with an outfit for every occasion so I’m sure OverThinker Y would be dressed to impress on the day. On to the plus one he has gone with someone fun, someone that you could hang out with and keep you entertained if there was a dull bit (not that there would be any but just in case). Check out the selections here.

Alex Sigworth came along to bring the most distinguished plus one that anyone chose. I mean we are talking high level but he did suggest a very important video game wedding that he would be attending so it is appropriate. Check out his answer and that VIP guest here.

And of course the winner, Pix1001 at Shoot the Rookie, who decided to go the most evil route of all the contenders. She decided that not only would she attend the wedding with her plus one but she would be a thief at said wedding with her sidekick (aka the plus one). This is a story that you don’t want to miss out on. A very worthy winner! Make sure you check out the winning post.

Now if you are reading and thinking I want to take part in Question of the Month you are in luck. This month’s Question has been set by That Green Dude and you can find out more here. Also you can read my answer post later this week. And even better you could be the star blogger, the question master and all round cool person who gets to choose a winner. If you have a question that you want to ask other bloggers then get in touch with Kim and let her know. It’s good fun and Question of the Month is a great monthly event to take part in and you could be a part of it.

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