The Video Game World Cup 2018

Apparently there is this football thing that a lot of people in a lot of countries worldwide are interested in. Apparently it is a big deal. A World Cup or something. I’m not interested in this, in case you couldn’t tell… The last time I knew anything about football was when I was at High School and a few years before that time I last played football (or kick about to be more precise as it was just playground fun rather than these rule things that exist).

However the wonderful Pix1001 has set up a World Cup event that I can get behind and interested in.

Image from Shoot the Rookie

Who would I recommend for a football team?

My first choice is someone who is fit and their fitness is clearly important to them. Therefore they should be up to playing football. Or possibly helping with training if they don’t get picked for the team or left on the bench. It is the one, the only, Wii Fit instructor. Ok so strictly there were two of them but take your pick. I’m sure they could be a great asset to a team.

Another potential player choice is someone who has proven their fitness with an insane ability to run anywhere and everywhere without becoming out of breath. This person has taken part in the Olympics, the Winter Olympics, is a tennis star, has also been known to play golf, baseball and football. They have also been a doctor so worst case scenario they could make sure any injuries aren’t serious.

Perhaps he could swap his hat and fetching outfit for a football kit

Yes, you are correct, this suggestion is Mario. I mean he never seems to get exhausted from running and with all his sporting experience he must be well versed in sporting rules and etiquette.

Thirdly, also lastly, I am going to put forward Liam Kosta from Mass Effect Andromeda.

Enjoy a nice picture of the Mass Effect Andromeda title screen because I wanted to add a picture but didn’t think this through fully…

He is a football fan, even arranging a game on Eos. Given he can set up a football match, and take part in it, being one of the team would be a perfect experience for him. He is a team player within the crew so I have faith that he would an asset.

So what do you think of my suggestions? If you want to take part in this World Cup event you have until the 10th July but check out this post to get all the details.

8 thoughts on “The Video Game World Cup 2018

  1. Ace! These are great suggestions, thank you so much for taking part and apologies for taking so long to read it (this is definitely the last time I organise a community event when I’m going to be on holiday for half of it!)
    Wii fit trainer is a great shout and would be a worthy coach! I’ve never understood why Mario has such good athletic abilities but he does tend to excel at sports! I haven’t played Mass Effect Andromeda but Liam sounds like a great fit, the team definitely needs people who already knows the rules 😀

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    1. I know Mario is good at all sports and just running in general but why is he when most other characters have less endurance than him (when they should be traditionally fit). I figured at least one character I suggest should know the rules.

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