Question of the Month June 2018

This month Later Levels and Luna at Gamers United GG have set a wonderful Question of the Month question. Now the question is: “You are a new villain trying to make a name for yourself so you have decided to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, Green Hill Zone and Hyrule. Who are you and how will you defeat each hero and take over?”. Intriguing as there is lots to consider here.

Now all good villains try to react to the heroes, and the location, that they will face. Having to deal with Mario, Sonic and Link, each of whom gave their own strengths, weaknesses and abilities will prove difficult. So let’s take a little run down of each of the areas and the characters that I will face.

Mario: has held a variety of jobs, jumps around, travels by pipe.

Sonic: hedgehog, runs very fast, loves gold rings (must love the fifth day of Christmas).

Link: determined, master at climbing and various weapons, can overcome a variety of obstacles.

Ok so to defeat these heroes as a new villain I would need to be quite resourceful and able to adapt in order to take over all three areas. Or I could think of this another way, I could be sneaky about this. I don’t necessarily need to take all three on as a villain in the more traditional sense. Besides which, the standard villains who take on attempting to control Mushroom Kingdom, Green Hill Zone and Hyrule don’t exact succeed with more traditional villain plans.

My plan as a villain would be to be convincing. If I convince them through intimidation to give up Mushroom Kingdom, Green Hill Zone and Hyrule then I don’t need to do any boss battles or hard work. In other words, I would take a Mass Effect Commander Shepard style intimidation, assuming you pick the renegade choices. Albeit the charm option for paragon could be equally useful, just not quite as villain sounding.

So as a villain to take over I would be a Commander Shepard inspired renegade travelling through each if the kingdom’s and zones taking over each as I went. Once I secure one kingdom then I could place my troops, sidekicks, whatever, in the areas to keep them secure.

I think there is still a couple of days to go for entries in this Question of the Month so there is time to get your answers in if you have a good idea.

6 thoughts on “Question of the Month June 2018

  1. Absolutely no one can stop Commander Shepard. Great idea using Renegade Shepard as a villain! Now I’m wondering how they would handle a Reaper, haha.

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