My E3 Top Picks

If you haven’t guessed this will add to the ever growing list of E3 posts available on the internet. Just in case you hadn’t seen anything about E3 and the games announced. So I’m not going to do a big breakdown of each of the conferences, just about my top picks of games overall. Plus I didn’t want this to devolve into a massive post mentioning everything.

Official image from Twitter banner for @E3

So in no particular order my top 10 picks are…

Kingdom Hearts 3

I have a slight confession here… I haven’t played a Kingdom Hearts game… yet. I wanted to but never had the ability to at the time. The trailers for this game, though, just wrapped me up in excitement for it to come out. I really want to play this, despite my lack of knowledge of the previous games. I’m sure I can get a crash course by the time it releases and then by the time I would potentially get it. I just need to play several games, I mean I’m sure that is doable. Master OverThinkerY told me what I need to do to understand so maybe a year after it’s release (by the time I play the ones already out) I’ll be ready to play?

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

So this wasn’t really a surprise given a keyring gave the game away before E3, and for me not overly surprising that I want it. I love that there are romance options and that you can play as a female lead. The setting looks fantastic and I’m sure this will be great. Now to crack on with Origins as I had stopped that in favour of Breath of the Wild earlier in the year. I do find it interesting that this is going back to a yearly release for Assassin’s Creed and hope this pays off.

Gears 5

I said in January I wanted to play Gears of War for the first time this year and currently haven’t even started it… That said the trailer for Gears 5 really got me into it and I want to see where the story goes. I also have interest for this as it could be a perfect present for Player 2 if it was out at an appropriate time for his birthday/Christmas but early present is still a possibility… I also loved the way they did the Gears reveal as beginning with the Pops was a bit of fun and I liked how that was done, although you could see the moment that everyone wondered if that was it then it building to the next Gears reveal and finally the Gears 5 reveal.

Forza Horizon 4

When I saw this was set in the UK I got so excited. I love Forza Horizon though as with all racing games I go through stages. I either play it non stop during my gaming time for whatever period of time or don’t touch it for months. There is no in between with me and racing games. I love the Horizon games and can’t wait to see this release and give the UK a try as a location. I do think it could do with a bit more traffic and traffic jams. Also most seasons here mean rain so I assume they will go for a more traditional version of seasons that the UK is used to.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

I love the world of Life is Strange and how these games are done, in art style and the narrative. This game looks no different. It seems charming and the boy at the centre of the action seems so adorable I just want to see what happens. Plus it’s free…

Overcooked 2

A chance to go back into the craziest, most ridiculous kitchens and prepare some new food for customers who don’t seem to understand the poor kitchen layout? Yes please. More co-op madness and laughs, maybe a few arguments. Definitely excited for this one! Better keep an eye on where that fire extinguisher is…

Spider Man

I have been interested in this game for a while but seeing some new gameplay and hearing about how enjoyable it is to play from those on Twitter who got a hands on experience with it has left me looking forward to more. I guess people could say it’s not pushing the boat out or anything but it looks fun to swing around the city.

Crackdown 3

This is partially because it is one that Player 2 would be really excited for. My involvement in the Crackdown series has been watching Player 2 play Crackdown 2 which looked fun to play and having Crackdown ready to download on Xbox One. I’m also intrigued by this one because of all the delays on it. I want to know how it turns out!

The Division 2

I really enjoyed the time I spent playing The Division. The second game looks fantastic. I just want to explore Washington DC and get involved in the campaign. It looks really good and I hope this one does well. I’m more interested in the single player campaign content than anything else, so hopefully this is a good game that can build on what the last one became.

Super Mario Party

A bit of couch multiplayer fun? Yes please. This looks great to play with Player 2 and some friends. I honestly can’t remember what the last Mario Party game I played was, if I even had played one (you know when you begin to doubt yourself because you can’t remember exactly? I’m sure I must have…). Anyway, anything that I could play with Player 2 and potentially some other that don’t necessarily class themselves as gamers is going to be a good and fun pick.


Now just to find the time and energy to play all the games in these franchises already released, as well as the money to buy all the games… Is someone working on a time turner yet or just a way to give me more hours in the day?

So what were your top choices from the E3 announcements? Let me know in the comments.

24 thoughts on “My E3 Top Picks

    1. I don’t have game pass but luckily Player 2 has all of them, we have the Ultimate Edition of Gears and then that gave us downloads of 1, 2, 3 and judgement (plus he has disc copies of these) and he has 4 as well. So I’m well equipped to play them, I just need to get started!


  1. The Last of Us Part II and Cyberpunk were my favorites, but there was so many good games at E3. The story set-up for Gears 5 looks like the most compelling in a series that I usually like more for just the gameplay. Captain Spirit is really intriguing and I’m excited to see how this ties into the second proper Life is Strange. Mario Party will be fun. Spider-man looks great. Great list and post you put together here!

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    1. I also want to see how Captain Spirit links in to a second Life is Strange. It will be good to see how this is done. The story for Gears 5 does look really compelling and I hope it plays out well. Thanks for reading.


  2. There were some great titles on show this year. Cyberpunk 2077 and Last of Us 2 really blew me away. Death Stranding intrigued me and Ghosts of Tsushima was visually stunning and so fluid, as well as Smash Bros Ultimate that looks to build upon its core foundations. However, Octopath Traveller remains my top pick. It looks absolutely incredible!

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    1. There are so many great titles that have been shown this year. I need some extra gaming hours. Smash Bros Ultimate looks great and does seem to build on it’s foundations but it hasn’t been a series that I have big ties to. The Last of Us Part 2 looks incredible as well.

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      1. Defintely. It’s getting harder and harder to play all these wonderful games! Fair enough. Smash Bros isn’t one of my favourite series, but I think the appeal of having a vast majority of my favourite Nintendo characters in one game is too hard not to connect with for me personally. Last of Us 2 is showing that Sony once again have a dominance in first party, story driven, ‘cinematic’ games. To be honest, I expected nothing less from them after the likes of Horizon, God of War and even the first Last of Us. It’s a good time to be a gamer, that’s for sure!

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      2. Smash Bros is fantastic having all those characters in one place. I would be interested to try it but have no real connection to it at the moment (though some of these games I don’t have a proper connection to at the moment either). It is a fantastic time to be a gamer. Just need to find some extra time to play!

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