Agents of Mayhem

Welcome to a bright and colourful cartoon style world. You are a team of heroes, under the group Mayhem, who are set to take on Legion, a group of bad guys intent on causing trouble (or should I say mayhem?).

Game: Agents of Mayhem

Publisher: Deep Silver

Developer: Volition

Release date: 15th August 2017

Platform: Xbox One, also available on PS4 and Windows

This is a game that initially passed me by, I don’t recall much, if anything, about it prior to it’s release or after it was released. However, we got it this year as it was £5 and looked fun so we took a guess.

Agents of Mayhem is a single player, open world, action adventure game where you predominantly play as three of the heroes where you switch between the three as necessary. This is great as you can build your team as you think is best out of 12 characters (if you got the DLC for Gat or Lazarus you also get these characters and their personal missions). The characters each have different weapons and abilities so you can find a squad that suits your play style and what missions you are trying to do at the time. This also means that the game can feel quite varied with the characters and how it plays as you are roaming the world if you use a different squad.



The varied feel doesn’t really carry through much other than in characters and the character missions. The Legion lairs and outputs are essentially all the same with only a few varieties on the design. They are fine, however some more variety would have been nice. It does make it quite easy to do these parts to level up all your characters as you know what to expect and where to find secret rooms and chests. Seriously this is so easy to gain XP from and in order to level up all your characters to maximum levels it is a great way to go.

You have various things to purchase, collect or find which can give you more options or help overall. My favourite additional skill being that on the map screen you could see all the crystal shards within a small radius. Since crystal shards are useful, finding some extra ones in the open world is always helpful.



The main story for me was ok. Some of the “boss” sections were odd but they were enjoyable enough to play through. For me the best story driven bits were the personal missions. These gave more of an insight into each of the characters interactions and motivations. The connections between them and how/why they ended up in Mayhem. This includes the team personal missions.

The dialogue can be quite humorous so it is quite enjoyable just listening as you explore the map. This can give more insight into characters and also some laughs from the vehicle AI.

A great point about this game is the flexible nature of difficulty. If you start playing from scratch it slowly increases from difficulty level 1 as you progress and it is very easy to adjust it up or down. For instance if you struggle with a mission, you can go in and adjust it down and carry on. Personally I think this is very welcoming and inviting to new players and potentially new gamers.

Overall I really enjoyed this game and would recommend it if you want a fun game with lots of characters. It isn’t perfect, the collectible shards can be annoying due to the amount of them and some aspects are repetitive but the game is enjoyable and easy to get into.

Have you played Agents of Mayhem? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Agents of Mayhem

  1. Nice review! It was good to read about a game that I didn’t know too much about. I haven’t played the game, but I’ve heard of it – if I had the time to play it I probably would, but I’ve already got a ton of games that are waiting for attention.

    Agents of Mayhem defintely looks promising, though, and your thorough review did a really good job in highlighting the key strengths and weaknesses that are inherent in the game. Looking forward to reading more!


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