Overheard in a Game Shop

So once again I found myself looking at games in a game shop. Now maybe I’m just getting old these days but I seriously felt out of place.

I was looking at the Xbox One games just to see what was available and what was new. Then I heard some “delightful” young men. These soon to be teens, at best guess they were 10-12 years old, with quite some mouths on them. I would never have been mouthing off the way they were or quite so fond of swearing at their age. I’m still not at my age now, maybe I’m just old fashioned and old.

Anyway, if I had a PS4, as I assume they did, I wouldn’t act the way they did. I have an Xbox, I would love a PS4 as well (seriously considering it at the moment, opinions anyone?). I don’t put down the PS4 as a system because I don’t have it. There are games that I would love to play on the PS4 (and PS3) and I know they are good systems with good games. They must be too young to understand this logic. You know the common sense thing that says it can be good and have good games even if you don’t have it.

Well they were walking past me swearing and being rude (to be generous) about Xbox and people who have these systems. They then proceeded to pick up an Xbox game that is not available on PlayStation (also available on PC) and hold it up and say “you know what would be better if this was in a blue box and say PlayStation on it, it would be good then”. There were some words after that but I won’t go into them. Now at this point it is moot as there is no way that they are old enough to play it (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) but why be rude about the system you don’t have.

I don’t understand console wars or why we can’t support all systems and gamers on all systems. Sadly, unless they gain the maturity they will probably carry on with this. My presence didn’t put them off from their criticism of Xbox and they didn’t care who was there and who heard.

Just enjoy playing games regardless of how you play the games. Appreciate games, even if you can’t play them as they are available in a system you don’t have, and respect people who play games on a different system. Basically, respect people.

10 thoughts on “Overheard in a Game Shop

  1. The whole “console elitism” thing has always bothered me.

    My brother has light sensitivity and can’t play games on a lot of consoles which is something he can’t help. Sometimes it’s an accessibility issue or a cost issue, it’s just ignorant to bag someone else for how they enjoy games.

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    1. I know I just don’t get it. Everyone should play on whatever console/system they choose as long as it suits them. There are so many reasons to pick one over another that comes out with the games available, cost, accessibility, personal preference, and so on. The main thing is to respect everyone else’s choice even if it isn’t the same as yours. The main thing is we all enjoy games, so respect each other.

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  2. To me, what you say here is so logical and obviously right that I don’t understand how this kind of hating culture exists at all! I just really really can’t understand people like that!

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  3. I don’t understand why there are “console wars” anyway. We all have our preferences and consoles/ games we may love more than others, but life is definitely much more fun when you expand your horizons!

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    1. I know, I don’t get the console wars thing. They bore me. Enjoy whatever you enjoy and it gives you options. Besides which not everyone will love the same games and if we did it would be a bit dull.

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