High Score Haute Couture: The Gaming Fashion Show 2018 Judging

It’s the final showdown…. *starts humming The Final Countdown*

Ahem. It is the judging panel for the finest fashion show of the year. Sure you can have Paris Fashion Week or follow New York Fashion Week, but do either of those include video game fashion? No, so they are missing out. This is clearly the event to be at. Sure the UK and the world has been discussing the Royal wedding last Saturday and the fashion choices there but this is clearly much more fashionable.

All that being said, why am I involved? Well alongside the fabulous pair of Adventure Rules and Upon Completion, who hopefully have a bit more fashion sense to provide that aspect of the judging. Though Chris did seem a bit optimistic with the description of “more vogue than you can shake a sequin at” but I will try to reach up to these expectations.

Image from Pix1001 at Shoot the Rookie

We are at the final, the decision but this event started here and here with Pix and Chris having a fashion show each with 5 characters. The voting was close, especially in Pix’s show with the final decision coming down to the first person to comment on Twitter.

This left us with the final two. The final shows were performed. Repede and Samus can relax for the moment. The lights have gone down and the judges make their decisions.

*In perfect wrestling announcer voice* In the red corner… Honestly images from Chris at OverThinkerY.

Starting with Pix1001 and Repede from Tales of Vesperia.

What can I say I am watching a dog take on a catwalk, that is definitely something I would pay to see. There is also some attempt to sway the judges with cute puppy pictures of Repede, which I won’t deny is something which could sway me normally but I am trying to be objective here. But puppy pictures are so cute… ahem on to the actual show.

Here we begin with a planet sized disco ball. It seems like all the stops have been pulled out here. Repede trots out, howling, he certainly has a stage presence, very impressive. His shakes, turns and flicks of the tail seem to be enough to keep all eyes on the stage. The Aer/dry ice leaves some mystery and atmosphere. Repede also calls in some assistance in the form of Judith and showing off some of his moves.

The next section of the show begins. The lighting has been carefully considered to build the drama and also ensure that Repede looks magnificent. It works well. This time we also get some assistance from Karol, at least in the form of three projections. This is an interesting addition. Technology and interaction from Repede. This dog knows how to create a display and isn’t making this an ordinary fashion show. The style comes from Repede and his moves.

The final stage involves blue glows, blue lasers appearing from our wonderful model and bursts of lightning. Also we finish off with Repede showing off his red, special edition dagger. That will always be a fashion favourite. Light crashes down, a final howl and the show is over.

We have seen three brilliant walks and from our canine model. There has been a fantastic performance at each stage and the show has shown that every fashion show should include a dog in a dog friendly way. We have seen a variety of moves and had some howls to entertain the audience and add to the experience. The lights and atmosphere have kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Repede being a dog with just some accessories may seem like a disadvantage but this one certainly didn’t let that stop him. A fantastic show overall, even discounting the puppy pictures we were shown early on.

Now we need to step on over to the other fashion show…

Now, onto Chris with Samus from the Metroid franchise.

Here we have a fantastic selection of walkway music, with a very well stage managed scene taking place. Here we have darkness, green glow, lights coming up, floor to ceiling green lasers, flashing lights and spinning contraptions. The set up has been very well considered. It fills a fantastic picture of the atmosphere of the event.

We have three walks and looks for Samus. Chris and Samus have chosen to go with the gold power suit which dematerialises into a blue form fitting suit for the first walk. The look is well described and Samus even shows off some moves as she makes her way down the catwalk. Walk one has been a full show in and of itself.

Walk two cycles through many outfits, perfect for the fashion forward view of this show. Again the way Samus presents herself has been carefully considered and we see spinning, flips and posing in order to highlight her flexibility and agility.

The final walk. Chris has brought this fashion show to the peak. The momentum has been growing, how does one top what has already taken place? Well, you see a “graceful armadillo” (yes I am repeating that interesting metaphor) emerge but not alone as Ridley appears. Samus takes this development all in her stride and the catwalk continues after an impressive display. The audience get a fantastic display of each aspect of the Power Suit. Final twirls and poses, a strong finishing move, fireworks and then the lights go out and there is just an afterimage.

The OverThinkerY fashion show has come to an end. Here were have seen a fabulous display, well thought out in terms of how the show takes place from start to finish and an impressive number of costume changes for Samus plus with each costume we see how wearable the outfits are as she manages to do an awful lot of flips and poses in each costume. It has also had the music for each section considered. A brilliant display here.

Two very impressive fashion shows with two fantastic characters. Well done Pix and Chris! If only I could give you both a vote.

In the end my vote goes to… *drum roll* Samus and Chris!

Check out the other judges decisions as they are posted. See Adventure Rules post here and Upon Completion‘s post here.

13 thoughts on “High Score Haute Couture: The Gaming Fashion Show 2018 Judging

  1. Awesome! That is some excellent judging! Thank you so much for taking part 😀 Love the line ‘What can I say I’m watching a dog take on a catwalk’ – that is exactly how I felt when I was trying to write about it!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great judging! You captured each part of the show well and gave a good summary of each act’s strong points. Also, I didn’t think of “dog on the catwalk” until you pointed it out and now I appreciate Repede’s act that much more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All I could think when I realised which characters would be in the final was that I would be judging on a dog on the catwalk. Just the image of that made me smile before I’d even read the final for Repede.

      Liked by 2 people

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