Question of the Month May 2018

The latest Question of the Month is set by Pix1001 over at Shoot the Rookie. This one has left me daydreaming of a holiday… if only. Anyway Pix asks us “if you could live in any video game settlement (ie a town, village, city etc), where would you choose to live and why; and what role would you play in it?“.

I started dreaming of a holiday when trying to decide what settlement I would live in. Mainly because then I could see what places were like. To be fair if you could transfer me to a video game world of my choice I would probably enjoy myself. Though please don’t put me there in the middle of a battle or disaster!

I was going to try not to be too predictable. I was. Then I saw Thero’s post suggesting Stardew Valley which is very close to what my planned answer of living in the town Animal Crossing. So I decided to go away from being less predictable and straight back into the predictable for me. Then I saw that Chris at OverThinkerY had gone for the Pokémon world as well so I started thinking of a back up to my back up, but Chris was good with sharing location with me. Might even cut down on travel costs.


I would go an live in one of the towns in one of the Pokémon regions. Now I was trying to specify a specific town, but I don’t think I have an overall preference. However, the role I would play in this settlement is where I’m being a bit more interesting and involves travel.

I could say Pokémon trainer as that would be really interesting, getting to travel the region and explore, meet lots of new people and Pokémon. I could say Pokécenter nurse as I have mentioned before. I could say one of the gym leaders as I would then be respected and get to interact with the upcoming generation of Pokémon trainers and face the next Pokémon master at one stage of their journey. I could, but I’m not going to.

If I could be in the Pokémon world, I would like to think I could do something different and help in a way that people might not expect. I would like to be a Pokémon photographer. So I could help document the Pokémon present in the areas, keep track of Pokémon and get to meet trainers and see what they have discovered. I would be able to help the Professor with research as the Pokédex needs to be kept up to date with images of each Pokémon and details of each one. So that is where I would come in.

Also in Alola there is the opportunity to help with Pokémon and trainer with their portraits in Photo Club. Then I could meet even more people and Pokémon and give the trainers a lasting memento of their adventure.

If you want to take part in Question of the Month there is still time! Where would you move to and what role would you play there? Let me know in the comments or in your own response to this Question of the Month.

11 thoughts on “Question of the Month May 2018

  1. Ace! That’s a very creative answer – it never occurred to me that being a Pokemon photographer was a thing, but it sounds like a fantastic job where you get to help and interact with lots of people (and, clearly lots of Pokemon!)

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  2. We have found the new champion to continue the life of a Pokémon Snapper. Being able to travel the world of Pokémon would be great, one thing I clearly would do is not have 6 on me as the game suggests but walk around with them all out of their Pokéballs.

    This was an interesting answer, there are many regions and in there a lot of towns that you can visit. Quite the road trip to become the very best.

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    1. It would be quite a road trip full of lots of people, Pokémon and towns to visit and see. I would love to walk around with my Pokémon around me rather than carrying them in their Pokéballs.


    1. It didn’t ruin it, I just didn’t want it to be too close to yours. I loved reading your answer.

      Hmm that is a difficult one. I mean I’d love just to have a whole party of Pokémon to help. In terms of assisting with my photography there are a few options who might be good like Smeargle (painter, could be helpful for artistic help in framing nice photos) or a Pokémon that can use flash (in the case of gloomy conditions when extra light is needed) like Solrock (plus Solrock is psychic so they could communicate how I want people to position themselves) or Pikachu/Eevee who I think would make people smile and new Pokémon at ease.


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