April Gaming

Goodbye April! It has been nice whilst it has lasted and I got some time to play some games. This helps with this blog post as I have some games to talk about.

I finished Agents of Mayhem (Xbox One) other than some of the collectible shards. I am planning on going round and picking up the rest of them but it’s getting harder now. I do hope to write some thoughts on this as it was a fun game and I even want to find the rest of the collectibles. That says something. Perhaps part of it is that then I don’t have to pick a new game to start but we won’t go there.

I also played and completed Detective Pikachu (3DS). It is a 3DS game, it has Pikachu in it and many other Pokémon and it is a detective story. That was enough to sell it to me. I admit I was a bit worried about how Pikachu being voiced would affect my thoughts but it is an easy game, good bit of fun and interesting to see how the overall mystery progresses. It isn’t a long game but it is nice enough.

I finished Superhot (Xbox One). Well, finished in the sense of the main game although I have had a go at some of the challenges and endless mode. They seem quite fun but it will take me a while to get through all of them. I’m still counting this as finished though. I’m working my way through challenge mode at the moment and started some of the speed runs as well. Got red time on the speed runs I have done so far but it will only get harder.

I started and finished Batman The Enemy Within (Xbox One). This was the second season following on from The Batman Telltale series. As always there are lots of decisions to make and lots of villains to meet within Gotham.

I played Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (NS). Finished some quests, some shrines, wandered around. Spent time doing a lot of very little it seems at times but nice all the same. I really need to transfer some of my screenshots from it so I can use them in these posts, but I still haven’t done that yet.

Another game that I have dipped in and out briefly to is Sea of Thieves (Xbox One). I have still mostly been playing alone as my limited gaming friends don’t come online when I can and/or don’t have this game and I have been slightly put off looking for group with my lack of experience and limitations to people who would want me added to their party. Though I did go through Looking for Group and have a good experience and have fun playing as a crew.

I started Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 (Xbox One). Just having fun playing through and seeing what characters are involved so far. I think I’m about halfway through the story now. As usual there is lots to collect as with all other Lego games and it is great fun.

A little play on Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Evolved (Xbox One) because I had a short time to play on a couple of nights and thought just trying to beat my high score on some of the modes would be a good idea. I am still terrible at this and I wish I could get myself further in the adventure mode. So far a little progress, but I mainly try modes like pacifism and getting the highest score in one life or three lives. Basically as training for the adventure mode. Also a little time on Adventure Pop (Xbox One). These two were around my time of I should finish some games that I have to play and instead chose ones with a vague ending, like the adventure modes in both have an end but with Geometry Wars there are various modes where the end is basically beating your high score.

Finally, I attempted Lion King (Mega Drive). Having not played a Mega Drive years ago (an attempt at an expo not withstanding) and being used to new controllers I struggled. Really, really struggled. I have never found myself so upset at the mere image of a Giraffe. Seriously though, those giraffes are mean and I’m rubbish at timing those jumps. Also Simba you aren’t the wicked witch and melt when touched by water so stop letting the Giraffes convince you that you are. I want to get through this but I need to get used to old platformers again (and the Mega Drive controller). I’m sure this will frustrate me more in the future. Seriously though, you should have seen and heard me whilst trying to time my jumps. I would have laughed if I hadn’t been so frustrated by them.

What have you been playing this month? Let me know in the comments.

9 thoughts on “April Gaming

    1. I haven’t got to the really hard ones yet but can imagine. Especially as I got stuck about 0.15 seconds off a redtime for a few attempts. I was so happy to cut that little bit off and see the redtime. I’m going between challenges and speedruns trying to see how far I can get. I doubt I will manage them all.

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      1. Thanks, but having some time off giving extra time to play helped. I’m doing quite well for finishing games so far this year though so hoping I can continue that and beat my target. If I don’t get distracted by Geometry Wars and Adventure Pop or similar for too long but I just play them for little bursts if I go to them.

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  1. I want to play Agents of Mayhem but have never gotten around to play it. It looks good but a bit rough around the edges.

    I also completed Superhot on Xbox One, I absolutely love it. It’s so different to pretty much everything else out there. I love the style of it. I can’t praise the game enough.

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    1. I love the style of Superhot as well. It is such a fantastic game.

      Agents of Mayhem is a lot of fun. It is quite repetitive at times but it is still fun. I think having all the different characters means when you are doing things that you have done before (say the lairs) it can be slightly different if you have a different team. I enjoyed seeing the personal missions as well to find out more about the characters.


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