Overheard in a Game Shop

Again the delightful moments that can only happen in a Game Shop deserve some appreciation. They can be funny, innocent, adorable, or even really annoying.

This one I have had happen multiple times, though not necessarily directly to me. Actually, I am generally not the one that gets this, usually it is Player 2 but I have been there with him when this has happened a few times.

So you just browse the games as normal. Then you hear stuff being said around you that is partially directed towards you. You start listening. You know what they want to ask. You wait. Sure enough a person approaches. “Hey, will you buy this game for us?”

The conversation leading up to this is always of the sort, my parents will never let us have this game, if we get it we have to hide it, look over there they might buy it for us usually including some pointing at you.

Now the last time this happened, Player 2 was approached for the latest Call of Duty, though it has happened with GTA V as well. As I was there and they weren’t exactly directing it to me, but I was expecting what they were going to say, since their stage whispers are not exactly subtle and neither is pointing at people you are going to ask, and my reaction just blurted out. A laugh. The first thing I did was laugh then say no. It was inevitable as they had been staring at us and whispering about this for a few minutes as we were browsing and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Sure enough they went to regroup. We mentioned to the store, who were abundantly aware of what was going on since the group kept circling back round. I mean really, if you are going to do this multiple times why stay around the same game shop for a long time as it is noticeable.

I get it, kids play games that are an older age rating than they should. It has been done for years. That said there are age ratings for a reason and unless a parent has decided it is suitable and bought it for the child they shouldn’t be buying it (though the parents should try to take some interest to check what is/is not suitable).

4 thoughts on “Overheard in a Game Shop

  1. I had this happen to me recently for the first time. I actually felt pretty sorry for these kids and apologised before saying no… They were very polite and looked so downhearted… 🙁

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    1. I would have reacted the way you did if this group hadn’t been staring at us, pointing and badly whispering for a while before approaching. It was the way you were expecting them to combined with the feeling of being talked about behind your back like high school that made me laugh before saying no. This lot weren’t downhearted at all, if anything they were more determined as they just walked away to regroup.


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