To Trade In or Not To Trade In?

That is the question. So, I like having my games as physical copies as previously discussed here, so when I am finished with a game what do I do with it?

Well I keep them. I guess you could say I have a collection, although it is not solely mine. There is just something about being able to go back to play that game from whatever year that came into your head that I love. Or if I fancy playing a game on my Game Boy I can because I still have the Game Boy and some games. What I don’t love about keeping games is that I have to find a suitable place for them and if you move you have to try to lift boxes of games… that is not so much fun. Moving a few times in the last few years with an increasing amount of games to be boxed up, lifted and moved grows old very fast. However, maybe I have gained some strength carrying them all! There might be a positive in there somewhere.

For me, the amount of time it takes me to actually play and finish a game means that I probably wouldn’t be able to get much for a game if I did sell them on. It isn’t always a monetary concern for me though, as I am lucky enough to be able to afford new games within my budget as long as I can pay my bills and all the adult considerations attached with growing up.

Then there is the sentimentality of it. I know I am sentimental about games, some have come from gifts or I have memories attached to them and having them physically gives me something tangible. Like Pokémon Blue, my first Pokémon game and the Game Boy that I love and loved, a present. A game that I wouldn’t want to get rid of regardless. My grandparents may have not understood games completely, although to be fair my parents aren’t necessarily clued up on games either, but I have received games as presents from them over the years. Now my grandparents are no longer with us, these games have an extra sentimental quality to them.

Trading in games does allow for more people to enjoy games that may be difficult to find now, or even if the game traded in isn’t hard to find it expands the audience. It allows people to get a game that they wanted. I lend friends my games, I share them with Player 2 and enjoy when someone lends me a game to try. Trading in or giving to a friend is a wonderful way to share the joy of games. I may not trade in games, at least not at the moment, but I do try to share them one way or another.

I realise how lucky I am to be in a position where I can keep (most of) my games as some people don’t have this option. I guess I play games and collect games too. This is likely to be what I continue to do, at least until my circumstances change. Of course with the increased prevalence of people downloading their games the trade in option may not be as viable, but whilst physical copies of games exist there is the option to trade in games. I do still prefer my physical copies of games, and with the increasing prevalence of digital downloads the trade in option may soon change form as well.

So that works for me, but what do you do with your games once you have completed them? Let me know in the comments.

18 thoughts on “To Trade In or Not To Trade In?

  1. If I’ve completed the game I would either Trade it in or see if my friends would want to play it but usually I would Trade them in I only keep the games that gripped me and games that I will Play again.

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  2. Oh I like this, as you I don’t give away my games when they have been completed as one might never know, when the need to replay something could come again.

    From time to time I lend my friends a game and they with me, it’s a great way to share the love for gaming while trying out the ones you couldn’t afford. It saddens me whenever I visit Gamestop and see the numerous amount of games (even the brand new ones) that people just trade in for another game. However, it is understandable, just sad.

    Probably why I have a collection that keeps getting bigger but also looks nice whenever people visit, so one can show it off.
    Granted, in the end it all depends on what games we are talking about, and of what people themselves want to do.

    Enjoyed the post, was fun to read.
    Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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    1. I go back and replay old games every so often. Sometimes I randomly think of game I haven’t played for years so it is good to still have them and be able to go back to play them.

      It makes me sad as well when I see new releases available second hand that have only been out for a short time. I’m glad that it gives more people a chance to play these games but it is sad when they appear second hand so quickly. I want to know how people play them so fast as well!

      I like sharing games with friends so they can try them out before giving them back, though I don’t have many friends that play games these days so this happens less but still is an option.

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  3. This is really interesting, I bet there a lot of different opinions out there! I also like to keep physical games. In fact, the only thing i’ve ever traded in was an XBOX which I’d bought off a friend for about £20. If I remember right it had a copy of a Hitman game in it with no box, so I think that went as part of the deal!
    I’m happy to buy digital games but generally will buy physical copies where possible. The thing with me is that I very rarely buy games that I don’t like, and if I really like them I’ll definitely want to keep them!

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    1. I think I’ve only bought a few games that haven’t really been enjoyed. Sadly presents for Player 2 and games that I knew were wanted but they didn’t end up being as good as they looked. They weren’t games that I was that interested in so I think they are in a box somewhere. If I really love games I definitely want to keep them, though I do keep all my games. Some games have gone missing over the past few years hence my most of in the post, they are probably still somewhere around but I just don’t know where.

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  4. If I’m trying to get rid of a game, my first course of action is to attempt to sell it on eBay. I tend to get better deals by doing that than when I trade it in to the local retailer. If the going rate for a used copy is extremely low, that’s when I resort to trading it in. I tend to sell/trade in games I don’t like; the unofficial rule is that I tend to get rid of games I end up awarding a 6/10 or lower. If I do like the game, you can safely bet I will hold onto the copies unless a good rerelease comes along.

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    1. I like that you have a system that works for you and you know what your options are. I didn’t realise that eBay is generally the better option (it shows that I don’t sell my games on). Having your own unofficial rules on what to keep and what to sell on is quite useful and a good way of working out where games fall.

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  5. When I complete a game I keep it and build up my collection.

    When my friends want a new game to play whether it be they need a game to play or one to tide them over til their next big release, they ask me if they can borrow a game.

    With me being quite into niche titles, it’s pretty cool to introduce people to games they wouldn’t normally play.

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    1. That’s really cool that you can introduce them to games that they wouldn’t normally pick up. I love having the collection that I can keep and that grows as I pick up new titles or old titles that are new to me.

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    1. I liked when we had good shelving and could arrange our collection. Now we are looking for somewhere good to arrange them since where we are now doesn’t have the same shelving and we still don’t have a lot of furniture. I like seeing the collection and seeing it expand. I always keep them other than ones that seem to have been misplaced which I hope are still somewhere around.

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  6. This is always an interesting discussion to me, and I think you raise some good points. When I was in an apartment, I worried about a lot of the stuff you mentioned, namely space and moving from one place to another with a ton of boxes. I’m also a huge sentimentalist/hoarder (depending on how you look at it) so I was grateful that my parents held onto boxes of my old video games until my recent home purchase, when I finally had a permanent place to put them all. Since that, I’ve become more of a ‘collector’, though I was never huge on trading games in. If I got rid of them, I usually would give them to friends who were interested, save for having to sell a few to get my first apartment or some other financial necessity.

    In short, I guess my trade in perspective has always been that I’d rather keep my games than not, though it’s been kind of inconvenient. This is my long winded way of saying that, haha. Definitely a thought-provoking topic, so thanks for posting it! 🙂

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    1. Haha yes moving with lots of boxes is a bit of a pain. Luckily my parents also kept a lot of my games when we were moving about as well which cut down on the number of boxes by a little bit. I’m with you on the sentimentality type of person so I have all my games other than ones which have been misplaced which I hope I find again as I think they would have been left at my parents if anywhere. I’d rather keep them as my collection especially if at some point down the line I decide I want to replay games I have them there to replay. Collecting them is also fun. Plus I can lend them to my few real life gaming friends if they want to try something I have. It might end up inconvient at times but as long as moves don’t come too often it is manageable.


  7. I completely relate to this post! I keep all of my games, mostly for the reasons you stated. I never know when I’m going to feel like playing them again, and it’s nice to be able to play old games whenever I want. Between my husband and I, we have a pretty sizable collection. He is still bitter over the fact that he traded in a bunch of his SNES and Genesis games when he was younger! Luckily I happened to have most of those games, and there’s been a few that we’ve bought so his collection is pretty much complete again 🙂

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    1. That’s good that between your games and the ones you have bought your husbands collection of SNES and Genesis games are pretty much complete again. I have random desires to play old games and so does Player 2 so it works for us, if we can set everything up easy enough. He is still a bit annoyed about old games that he has lost or people borrowed and never returned which I don’t blame him for as the ones I have lost I’m annoyed by as well.

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