Overheard in a Game Shop

It has been a while… but here is an Overheard in a Game Shop post. Nostalgia Trigger prompted me to try to get some of these out of the draft stage. We will start at one and see how this goes. It might even become regular again.

Now like I have said before, we all see these moments when looking for games, the little things that can bring some humour to your day, the moments of joy and the moments of utter confusion. This collection of posts brings these together.

Now the moments where you witness such innocent moments warm my heart. They can be utterly simple but perfect.

For a while last year one of my local game shops had a section that had lots of those gaming steering wheels. There was this little boy just playing with them and making the car engine noise as though he was in a race. To be honest, I first thought he was lost but then he started talking to his dad. Just trying to get him to come play and race him. It was so sweet, the dad was impatient and uninterested. Dad didn’t want to play. Dad just wanted to wait for his other child and leave by the sounds of it. This little boy was lost in his racing world and nothing was bothering him as he was about to take first place in his race.

I was only nearby for a few minutes but seeing his joy as he was an F1 racer or a rally driver was delightful.

16 thoughts on “Overheard in a Game Shop

    1. It is so easy to focus on the negatives, and you must have had your fill of negatives from working at GameStop. That said I am sure there were lots of positives too.

      I hope if I’m lucky enough to have kids that they have the imagination that this boy had and that they want to find the fun everywhere.

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    1. I know, if I get the chance to be a parent I would be there with my kids racing. When I saw this happening I really wanted the dad to or a sibling or someone to join in. But he was so happy in his little racing world I don’t know that it mattered to him.


    2. That’s one of the best parts of having kids! It gives you excuses to shrug the norm and just enjoy life with them!

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  1. Thanks for the share! As a Dad-Gamer myself, it’s so much fun to see where their interests go and what they notice from my excitement for games. Kids are fun.

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