The Walking Dead: A New Frontier: Thoughts and An Interesting View

So I wasn’t going to talk about this game after talking about Guardians of the Galaxy recently but I wanted to share some of the interesting things I saw whilst playing it.

Game: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Developer: Telltale Games

Publisher: Telltale Games

Platform: Xbox One

Release date: 20th December 2016 (Episode 1) – 30th May 2017 (Episode 5)

You know the story by now… it is a Walking Dead Telltale game. This time you follow Javier, his sister-in-law, Kate, and his niece and nephew, Mariana and Gabe. You meet up with Clementine who has grown into a young teenager who has been looking after A.J. from Season 2. You meet other new characters, such as Tripp, Eleanor and Jesus.

Now a lot of what I said about Guardians of the Galaxy The Telltale Series could apply here. Ok, maybe not the humour parts, since the Walking Dead is more drama and emotional. Protect your family and try to form trust with the strangers who can become friends. Pretty different to the Guardians story.

Again Telltale Games follow the same pattern, your choices matter. What you choose to do can affect the outcome of the story and affect how characters perceive you. Some of this occurs in flashback. I talked to Javi’s father, saw Clementine protect A.J., saw Javi and his brother talk. These sections are interesting and allow for you to learn a bit more about the past, the feelings and the loyalties that may lie beneath the surface.

Now there are some nice moments, some moments that could shock and some emotional ones. That is what I expect of The Walking Dead Telltale games to be honest.

Now on to the “interesting things” I saw playing this game. I have shown some nice screenshots through this post but I think you will appreciate me saving the best for last. Best may not be the right word here… perhaps unique would be better. Yes, I saved the more unique ones for last.

Yep. Great view. Really easy to see what is happening. This was just in the one episode (Episode 3 to be precise) but did not want to go away and seems to come from an issue with Javi’s backpack. This has been an issue for other players, from a quick search there are a few references to this issue on the PC version of the game as well as my issue on the Xbox One version. I assume other versions would experience the same.

Despite these issues, I enjoyed the story as I have with previous series as the characters you meet along the way are so interesting, the drama and the emotions can really come through in the Walking Dead Telltale games.

What did you think of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier? Let me know in the comments.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is available on Xbox One, PS4, PC.

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