January Gaming

It is the end of the first month of 2018. Luckily I had some time off for Christmas and New Year so I got a bit more of a chance to play in amongst the blogging for Creative Christmas, family time, illness and cross stitching. I have had a fun month of gaming, but what have I been playing?

First up has been Super Mario Odyssey (NS).

This has been my go to game between Christmas and the end of my holiday (and a bit beyond). Even though I have finished the story (my first completion of the year) I am still trying to collect the Power Moons and buy the collectibles that are available at Crazy Cap. I am still having so much fun with this game, even though I am just collectible hunting now. I still go back to try to collect new Moons but it isn’t my go to game now. I love it.

I have also been playing Pokémon Ultra Sun (3DS).


As I said in my first impressions post I wasn’t so sure since it was very similar to Pokémon Sun. That said I have kept going and I going to continue on as I want to see when the story develops. I am enjoying it, it is just very similar in the beginning at least.

I also started playing Lumo (NS) and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NS).


Not much time has been spent on Lumo so far. I have been on the first two pages as shown in your map in Lumo. Breath of the Wild I have been enjoying. I’m taking my time and exploring so I am very early on in the game still.

Another game that I have been playing is Assassin’s Creed Origins (Xbox One). My main issue with this is so far is going between Nintendo and Xbox button layouts. It leads to a few (several) moments of “Bayek why are you doing that?…. Oh…. Oh. Sorry Bayek, it’s my fault not yours.”. I am loving the look of this game. I haven’t spent too long on it and have been mainly focused on side quests and running around and guiding Senu because that is good fun.

I also started a game that I mentioned on my list of games I definitely want to get off my backlog this year. Wahey! At least I have started one that I mentioned specifically so far! That game is Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (3DS). I’m enjoying the mix of the two series in this game. It’s good fun.

I have also completed two other games which have been waiting in the wings for a while. They were both Telltale games, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, both on Xbox One. You probably know the story with these, but I am glad I have finally managed to play through them (it’s taken a while to start them…).

What have you been playing this month? Let me know in the comments.

11 thoughts on “January Gaming

    1. I will do! I just happened to see the boxed version when I was having a look at Switch games and thought it sounded really interesting. Not far so far but when I get further I will let you know what I think. 🙂

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  1. Those are some fun titles.

    I have been stuck with my standard games: Rocket League, Black Desert and PUBG (where I got my first win ever).

    I started on Super Meat Boy, Human Fall Flat and continued in AC Origins and Dead Cells. But didn’t finish any of these yet.

    I finished Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

    And last but not least I started on staxel which feels like a rough 3d version of Stardew Valley.

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  2. So dilemma: I played through Pokemon Sun and have been thinking about picking up Pokemon Ultra Moon. It’s a rare thing for me to pick up all the versions of any given generation though, since the story is usually the same with the exception of a legendary and the color of the coats on the baddies. I liked Sun enough to consider buying Ultra Moon to A) round out the Pokedex and B) try out the changes. Nervous though it’ll be too similar. Thoughts?

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    1. I have started Ultra Sun, but haven’t spent too long on it as I ended up spending more time whilst playing the 3DS on Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

      I did a first impressions of Ultra Sun post last month though which was based on about 3 hours of gameplay. At that stage it is very similar. Possibly will remain similar, however at the early stages the main differences are the Ultra Recon squad appearances and the Totem stickers that you can collect and exchange for Pokémon. Otherwise story wise it is essentially the same in the early game. You can also travel between islands using Mantine surf. The Rotom Pokédex has been updated as well, and you get boosts from a loto type thing, and you can take photos of your character with their Pokémon. I’m sure there will be new Ultra Beasts in these games as well, I think I had read that somewhere before the release. I haven’t played much longer than about 7-8 hours at the moment and I am spending more time trying to get my Pokédex as filled as possible than progressing the story too much (and also getting distracted by other games).

      When I get a bit further with it I had planned on doing an update post but I don’t have much to say on that yet as I want to see how it progresses and changes as I carry on. Admittedly this may or may not occur depending on what else happens, but it is still an idea to post once I’m further on or have completed it.

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      1. Thanks for the detailed reply! I’m sorry for replying so late 😡 I’ve recently been inspired to play through Crystal on the 3DS and will pick up Ultra Moon once I’m done with that. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to your update 🙂


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