Super Mario Odyssey: A Review

I have to admit the Italian plumber (now apparently retired) captured my imagination and heart as a child when I played my first Mario title.  There is just something about each Mario game that is fantastic and brings joy when they are played.  Mario has been a video game superstar since the 1980s and that continues to this day.


Now on to Super Mario Odyssey, the latest in the line of Super Mario games.  In short, Odyssey is fantastic.  I don’t know what else I really need to say but I’m going to carry on anyway.


Game: Super Mario Odyssey

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

Release: 27th October 2017


The story is familiar, Mario has to rescue the Princess.  Specifically, Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser who is now planning his wedding to poor kidnapped Peach.  During this he is stealing all aspects of his wedding from various Kingdoms – bride, rings, bouquet, meal and so on.  I mean go big or go home I guess?  So Mario embarks on a quest to rescue Peach and Tiara (Cappy’s sister) and save the day.  Though not saving Bowser’s wedding day…


I hear ya Bowser but a little advice don’t try to steal your wedding… and definitely don’t kidnap the bride.


I can’t talk about Super Mario Odyssey without mentioning the delightful Cappy.



Integral to make your way through the game and sweet in the way only a transforming cap can be.  I love the addition of Cappy as an ally and a way to advance within the game.


I love being able to take over control of objects and characters like the dinosaur and a whole host of others.  It allows you to use so many different abilities, from destruction of large brick objects to gliding to fishing.  Being able to fling Mario to the roof of a building by taking over something is such great fun.




The music is beautiful.  It draws you in but doesn’t become overwhelming.  I could listen to this to relax.  The music in Mario games is generally successful in bringing you in to the world but never becoming too much.  Of course, several past Super Mario games have truly iconic music which is instantly recognisable.  This music is not in that league but it is still beautiful to listen to as you play through the game.


The kingdom’s created are varied and each one has it’s own charm.


That said I don’t like every kingdom, for instance Luncheon Kingdom is my least favourite I think.  I am not quite sure what it is, maybe it is having to try to make it across a gap by riding on a sweetcorn that didn’t gel with me.  Or maybe it is because for some reason my poor Mario has a fondness for burning himself in that world (aka I mistime my jumps spectacularly in this Kingdom).  However, I adore how colourful the Kingdom is so even though it is my least favourite I still have reasons to like it.


The Kingdoms can make me laugh a little in terms of the delightful occupants.  I mean how many sombrero wearing shepards do you know?  In the desert as well.  The desert that is freezing cold.  The sheep also wearing a sombrero.


The inclusion of Captain Toad is adorable and also very helpful that he has found some Power Moons on his travels.



The chat you can get with NPCs can be brilliant, simple but sometimes quirky and fun.  I enjoy exploring each of the world’s and trying to get as many of the power moons as possible.  It is so much fun looking round in every nook and cranny and trying to work out how to reach certain areas.


I have to admit that I am spending so much time capturing screenshots and taking snapshots.


I am having great fun with this.  Mario now likes taking selfies… and artsy looking photos… and then there are the filters.  This is such a fun feature and I now have some fantastic images for this blog and laptop and anywhere else.


I also have to mention the mini games and the call backs to past Mario games.  These are wonderful.  Though trying to do the walking challenges can be tricky as well as the memorise the faces.  However, they are so much fun and something just different enough.  Having periods where you can go back into an almost nostalgic look of Mario is fabulous.



There are loads of Power Moons to collect and then the currency for each Kingdom as well.  I have not grown tired of trying to find all of these yet which I think is a testament to how enjoyable the game is.  The experience makes you want to continue it and let it last for as long as possible.

I have reached end game but I am still playing to collect the Power Moons, coins, local currency and just to enjoy the game some more.


My advice is go play this game.  It is fantastic.

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    1. It makes you so happy. It is such a good game. I am trying not to spend all my game time playing it now (collecting the remaining Power Moons) so I can also play other things, but it is still so much fun.

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