Question of the Month January 2018

Question of the Month is a wonderful blogging challenge organised by Kim over at Later Levels. To explain briefly what this entails, a question is asked by the star blogger of the month which bloggers are encouraged to answer in anyway they would like to before a specific date. A star blogger will choose their favourite entry and the winner would be announced the following month. This month Chris over at OverThinker Y is the star blogger, and the question asked is very topical for January.

That is “which video game character is most likely to stick to their resolution, and what would it be?”.

The question doesn’t, however, say that said video game character has to succeed with their resolution. I mean how many of us have previously set resolutions that we have failed to keep up or complete by the end of a year? I mean am I more likely to succed with mine than any other person or video game character? Why would this be any different for a video game character who set a resolution?

So I have to go with someone who is determined, who is going to try to complete some sort of resolution, a person with a specific goal in mind. Now a villain in a video game is likely to have a goal in mind for their year. I mean they do tend to have a pretty well defined goal, usually defeating all the good guys or something along those lines anyway. Realistically they sometimes succeed for a while only to be defeated by the good guy. Perfect for this question.

So I had answered this question with Bowser, I had what I thought was a pretty decent answer (even if I do say so myself), and then I spotted The Daily Rager had also chosen Bowser in their post here. So back to the drawing board for me. Though Bowser is pretty determined and I think would stick to his resolution (kidnap Peach and take over Mushroom Kingdom). He has through his history within the Mario universe. I mean he completes the first half of that resolution, until Mario comes along anyway. But sorry Bowser I won’t be singing your setting and sticking to a new years resolution praises today…

So my next choice… also a villain because that is good fun for this question. The character that came to mind was The Riddler. Yes he isn’t solely a video game character but I think he would stick to any crazy resolution he came up with. I mean sure that resolution is most likely to defeat Batman and prove that he is the smartest, as is his standard desire, but think about how much he wants that. Surely then he will at least try to stick with it.

The Riddler shows his determination every time he appears in Batman games since he sets so many challenges which cover riddles, trophies and a selection of other things he leaves around for Batman. I mean think about coming up with over 200 challenges every time you try to best Batman – that is some level of focus and determination. This also means he must have plenty of time to plot how he will complete his resolution and plenty of resources to achieve his goal (quite what these resources are is unknown but if he can make trophies he could do whatever else he wanted). He is sure of himself with a sense of confidence that may help to keep focused on any resolution. I mean if I am Batman, he generally beats me because I can’t find all those trophies as well as completing all his other challenges…. Though I may have got them all in one game but I’m not sure.

So what do you think? Which video game character would stick to their resolution and what would it be? Check out this month’s Question of the Month and all the bloggers who are taking part for their answers.

3 thoughts on “Question of the Month January 2018

  1. Hey, just wanted to say thanks so much for the follow! I am following you back as well and can’t wait to check out your blog posts! 🙂

    By the way, I think the Riddler is an excellent answer- he definitely does have the determination to stick to whatever plans he makes!

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