Pokémon Ultra Sun: First Impressions

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the last of the Pokémon games to come to the 3DS.  As an update to the Sun and Moon entries in the series, you are transported back to Alola as a newcomer to the region.


For the purposes of this first impressions post please note that I have played for around 3 hours at the time of writing.



: Pokémon Ultra Sun

: 3DS

: Game Freak

: Nintendo, The Pokémon Company

: 17th November 2017


First impressions for me are ok, perhaps a tad too similar.  I don’t know what I was expecting from this sequel but so far it is very similar to Pokémon Sun, a game which I thoroughly enjoyed and felt that the changes worked well.  Sun caters well to newcomers to the Pokémon games as it talks you through some of the changes, you get hints in battle in terms of moves that are effective against the opposing Pokémon provided you had prior knowledge of the Pokémon as does this version.  The early sections are also quite useful as a tutorial of sorts, again this is the same here.



Who would you choose?

Pokémon Ultra Sun begins in a very similar manner to Pokémon Sun, and equivalently Moon/Ultra Moon.  You are new to Alola and you have a conversation with the Professor.  You meet Lillie.  You save Nebby.  You battle Hau.  Talk with the Professor some more.  Go to the Trainer’s School and battle 4 people there.  You do another battle.  Go to the City.  And of course you try to catch whatever Pokémon you come across as you go between here and there.  Once again you have a Rotom Pokédex.  If I didn’t know better I would think it was the same game.


I realise that the underlying story hasn’t fully developed or become apparent yet but I think I was expecting the initial cutscenes and interactions to feel a bit more different.  There are differences evident so far, of course, but at this point early on they are not substantial.  The Totem stickers that you can collect and in cutscenes you can see the Ultra Recon Squad.


This is not a bad game by any means.  However, I think I was expecting more.  Though since this is essentially an improvement upon Sun/Moon maybe my thoughts were unrealistic.  If you played Sun or Moon then it may not be necessary to play the Ultra version at least based on the first few hours.  I will be continuing Ultra Sun so I can see what happens and when it begins to feel like a new game.  Since there are more Ultra Beasts and the new group of the Ultra Recon Squad, amongst other changes from articles I read prior to release, I am still optimistic once the story progresses that I will see these changes and the game will improve for me.


Have you played Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon?  Did you find it very similar to Sun/Moon?  Does the Ultra versions of the games improve as the story progresses?  Let me know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Pokémon Ultra Sun: First Impressions

  1. I haven’t played a Pokémon game for years, but I’ve always loved the series. (I think the last game I played was Pearl.) I hear good things about Sun and Moon though – would you recommend either of those if I’m thinking of jumping back into the series? Sounds like the Ultra version might not be enough of an upgrade.


    1. I would recommend Sun or Moon, the choice between the two is really just up to you. They are good games, a bit different to classic games in terms of you travel through different islands and face trials rather than having to defeat gyms. The story that you learn about as you travel through the game and region is really enjoyable. I would really recommend giving Sun/Moon a play through. They are alspo quite good for people new to Pokémon or who haven’t played in a while as on the screen during battles they say what moves are effective against the opposing Pokémon if you have seen it before so that could help with jumping back into the series. I can’t say I use the Z moves so I won’t comment on that part of the games other than saying you now have this ability.

      The Ultra versions do seem to be just minor upgrades to Sun/Moon but as I said I haven’t got too far with Ultra Sun yet so that may change but I would recommend playing Sun/Moon.

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  2. Im still playing this game. Even though I never finished sun or moon but this game already is better imo. I always have been a huge fan of thr pokemon series but I just dont like the fact there are just no gyms at all. It kinda takes away the feeling of nostalgic pokemon. I also didnt like the mega evolution and z moves additions at all. I know they still want to try new stuff but it actually ruined the game for me. I still am playing pokemon because I am just a big fan. But im not playing it that much anymore.

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    1. I know what you mean with the lack of gyms. I think they have made that work for this location as it is very different to other regions, but if you put no gyms and this sort of trial based idea into a region like Kanto/Johto etc this wouldn’t work as they are designed so differently (if you get what I mean as I’m not entirely sure how to explain it but is just my opinion). These games feel different to me than past titles and I really like them but that doesn’t take away my love for previous games, although I can understand why the newer games aren’t for everyone. I think I like them in a different way though, but that is one that I can’t quite put my finger on what specifically makes me enjoy these in a different way (I realise this reply or at least this part may not make much sense to people reading and I apologise for that).

      I don’t use the Z moves at all and honestly I don’t think I miss out on anything by not using them. Mega evolutions I can’t say I was overly fussed on either. Both are interesting changes but not ones I was like “oh I must use this as soon as I can” but I think for some players they will be useful and enjoyable.

      These games, Sun/Moon and the Ultra versions, are enjoyable games. I think they are also very good introductions to battles and such like with the extra help you get in game for what moves to use (and Z moves could help players who are less confident with winning battles I guess) so may be ideal for newcomers to Pokémon games or those that gave up on the series years ago. If someone wanted to come back into Pokémon games I would recommend they gave Sun/Moon a try as I’m guessing the changes may stick around in future or be developed on in some way, and the story was good in my opinion. If they wanted to choose the Ultra versions to try I don’t think that would be a bad choice either just that at early stages the changes aren’t major. Like I said this was based on around 3 hours of gameplay.

      I enjoy the story that goes along with them and the usual of trying to fill the Pokédex so that is how I play them. I think they are good games to play but the changes to the past Pokémon game style will either be something you get on with or something that doesn’t sit right.

      The Ultra version to me is just a slight upgrade I guess on the Sun/Moon games which isn’t overly noticeable (to me anyway) early on in the game. I’m still playing it though so that might change as this post was only based on about 3 hours of playing it so there is plenty of time for this to develop.

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      1. I know what you mean indeed. And it is not a bad thing because this game actually feels more as a story. I do like the sun and moon game but it still is a bit different. And as I completed the whole pokedex twice already it starts to get a bit repetitive. Maybe I should get into the competitive side of Pokemon haha!


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