A Creative Christmas Summary

Just in case you missed it I, along with lots of other bloggers, took part in a Christmas collaboration proposed by Later Levels. These were posts to be released on twelve days running through some festive prompts which were great fun to answer.

It’s Christmas!

If you missed a day then catch up with my posts below:

Day 1: A Present for Someone Special

Day 2: A Trip Down (Christmas) Gaming Memory Lane

Day 3: A Helping Hand for Santa and the Elves

Day 4: A Musical Party

Day 5: A Christmas Mistletoe Kiss

Day 6: A Video Game Vehicle To Help Santa

Day 7: A Christmas Wish

Day 8: A Video Game Christmas Meal

Day 9: A Gaming Christmas

Day 10: It’s Party Time But I Need Help

Day 11: New Year, New Gaming Resolutions

Day 12: Game of the Year 2017

There were a lot of other bloggers taking part in this event. Check out the list of participants here. So you should go check out their answers to these festive prompts as the answers were fantastic (and two other bloggers, pix1001 at Shoot the Rookie and The Dragon’s Tea Party, chose the best answer to who should help Santa and the elves on Day 3 – I’m totally not just saying that because they chose the same character as me). Seriously though, if you didn’t catch any of my posts take a look at the links above and have a look at the other participants and their posts too.

What a fabulous way to end a year and begin a new one. So lots of thanks to Kim for this event and to everyone else who took part.

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