The Game Plan… Backlog Edition.

As I mentioned in my New Years Resolutions I plan on tackling my backlog (a bit!).  So what games do I plan on playing this year off my backlog?


This is just a small selection that I want to tackle this year, and writing this here can hold me partially accountable and make me try these games.  I have tried to keep a bit of variety so it might encourage me to try these.  I am definitely going to keep track of what I am playing and what I complete this year so I can update on this at the end of the year.


  1. Gears of War

I haven’t played this and so many people rave about this series.  Not least my Player 2… so I kind of have to play through this for the first time at some point and this year it will happen.  I plan on tackling the Ultimate Edition on Xbox One as despite Player 2 having every Gears game on the 360 we cannot find the box and disc for Gears 1.  After that I will have to play Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3 and then Gears of War 4 (apparently!) but I’m not counting them all on this list… We will see how playing this one goes before I decide if I will play the rest.


  1. Dishonored

Again, this is one that passed me by originally.  I will get around to it this year.  At least that is the plan.  I like stealth and action, and I have heard really good things about this game.  Mind you then I might need to get on to Dishonored 2 so would this count as tackling the backlog or adding to it?


  1. Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker

I bought this game ages ago.  I love the idea of it and Toad is adorable (hence why I bought it).  I really hope this lives up to my expectations for a fun, casual game when I do play it.  It also gives me a reason to play on the Wii U again which is looking a tad lonely at the moment.


  1. Professor Layton v Phoenix Wright

As a fan of both series I bought this game, and then appear to have promptly forgotten about it.  Can’t quite work out how that happened and how it got left in a pile as I now recall being so excited to get it.  However, I am definitely getting started on this game this year!


  1. Left 4 Dead 2

I am a scaredy cat and Left 4 Dead really pushes up against my limit with some of the noises and certain types of zombie jumping at you.  That said I really enjoyed it so obviously want to play the sequel.  Admittedly I haven’t played Left 4 Dead without Player 2 so I’d like to do the same for Left 4 Dead 2.  This one may require timing and could be a bit trickier to get off my backlog.  However, if I at least start this in 2018 it is something, right?


  1. Deus Ex Human Revolution

I believe I got this from Games with Gold ages ago but think I should actually give it a go.  It was recommended to me before it went on Gold by a friend that thought I might really enjoy it, so it would be good to actually play it and see for myself.


  1. Donkey Kong 64

Yes, perhaps this is a tad late to the party (although some of the games on my backlog are…) but I didn’t have a N64 originally so missed out on lots of games.  Last year we managed to pick up a N64 and the game but it remains one that has not been started.  So, this year will change that… in theory at least.  Though I would need to find the space to set up the N64 in order to play.


Are there any games that you are keen to get off your backlog this year?  If so, what are they?  Let me know in the comments.

27 thoughts on “The Game Plan… Backlog Edition.

  1. I picked up ‘Sam and Max hit the road’ a little while back and in hoping to give that a go. I’d also like to play Legend of Zelda a link to the past. A friend of mine had it when I was a kid and it always held a mystical appeal, with my new found introduction to the world of Zelda (through botw) I think I’d would be time to do some retro catch-up!

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  2. I really need to get around to playing Hellblade and RiME this year – I’ve read so many blog posts about how good they are, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Good luck with the backlog!

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    1. I hope you can finish The Witcher 3 and Far cry 3 soon. I now just need to find the time to play all of these games plus any of the others on my backlog or games I am in the middle of. I am still hopeful that I will get some of these started soon.

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  3. This is awesome to see! My backlog is so deep, I don’t think I’ll ever get to swim out of it, but knowing that some other folks haven’t played Donkey Kong 64 and some of the other titles up there makes me feel a little hopeful that I might be able to scratch the surface on mine.

    Good luck! 🙂

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    1. I’m glad my backlog makes you feel a bit hopeful about your backlog.

      Not having a N64 at the time means there are a lot of games I feel that I missed out on several games. Now getting a N64 and starting to get some of these games I have some older games appearing on my backlog. Though that doesn’t excuse some of the more recent games that I just haven’t got round to yet…. I’m still hopeful for getting through some of these games this year.

      Good luck to you too 🙂

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  4. Gears of War is pretty awesome, but definitely play through the Ultimate Edition as it is quite improved.

    You won’t be disappointing by Captain Toad at all.

    DK64? Well…..two out of three ain’t bad.

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    1. Haha well at least I got two out of three! I can at least find the Ultimate Edition of Gears of War so when I get round to starting it I will hopefully enjoy it. I’m glad I shouldn’t be disappointed by Captain Toad as it looks really fun. And Donkey Kong 64 is just because I haven’t played it before and it is something a bit different from the rest of my list.

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  5. Great game choices! I loved Captain Toad. My husband and I played through it together a few months back and had a lot of fun, even though the camera angle could get a little annoying at times. DK64 was a game I enjoyed too, because there was so much to do and my inner hoarder loved collecting everything, haha!

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