Games I Am Looking Forward To 2018

It is a new year and 2018 brings new games being released. What games am I most excited for this year? In no particular order…

Owlboy (NS, Xbox One, PS4 – February 15th)

This game is intriguing to me. For starters it’s name, Owlboy, and the fact that you control a character who is a member of an owl-human hybrid race. You can fly, throw things at enemies and apparently as you progress allies will join you. The main plot idea is that your village is attacked and you set out to save it. It sounds interesting and I want to find out some more.

Sea of Thieves (Xbox One, PC – 20th March)

This looks so much fun. Since I first saw a trailer for this I have wanted to play it. It looks like a bit of a laugh and a crazy pirate adventure. Since it is a cooperative multiplayer game the experience could be affected by those you are playing with, however it looks so much fun. The art style is quite like a cartoon which, to me at least, looks great for this game. Also I really want the Sea of Thieves themed controller as it looks fantastic.

Anthem (PS4, Xbox One, PC – Q4)

This one is being developed by BioWare who I really admire. From what I have seen it looks great. I am maybe not convinced on buying it when it first comes out but I do want to know more and have a go at some point. Action role player in an open world that looks exciting.

Yoshi (NS – currently untitled and no set release date)

I mean look at this little guy

I love Yoshi. Just as a character and therefore if I am honest they could probably convince me to buy this on very little information or with a terrible trailer. I am interested to find out some more as we get closer to release (a date and actual title would be nice to start with).

Ace Attorney (NS – currently untitled and no set release date)

There is much mystery around this one but I look forward to its release and finding out a bit more about it. I enjoy the Ace Attorney games, although I don’t think I have played all of them (I really need to check) so I really want to see what they come up with for the Switch.

I’m sure throughout the year I will hear of more new releases that I want to try out but for the moment these are the games which have piqued my interest. Maybe this means I can spend a lot of 2018 working on my backlog as part of my New Years resolutions.

What games are you looking forward to this year? Let me know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Games I Am Looking Forward To 2018

  1. I love Yoshi so much. It is my all time favorite video game character! I love to play Owlboy as well but something is holding me to buy it. Maybe I should just try it!

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    1. I think I’m waiting until after release for Owlboy because I am hoping to clear some games off my backlog before I get any new games but these tempt me. There is time before it is released so you can think about it, and the same for me too.

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      1. I’m trying to be good haha! That is true but there is a slight inconvenience with that at the moment so whilst I could buy it for PC I wouldn’t be able to play it at the moment so for now at least I should wait.

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