New Year, New Gaming Resolutions

I had written this post before Later Levels announced the Creative Christmas: a gaming collaboration but it fits in perfectly with the suggestion for the 31st December (today) so a perfect one to join in with. The prompt is “Midnight eventually rolls around, which means it’s now time to pick a New Year gaming resolution to see you through the next 12 months. What’s your choice for 2018?”. So what are my resolution choices for 2018?

I am not one for new year’s resolutions in general. The usual always apply in people’s resolution lists – eat better, exercise more, lose weight and be happy (going by average lists of resolutions). These could also apply to me but starting at day 1 of a given year doesn’t normally work for me. It will go for so long and I’ll get bored and lapse into previous habits, although in fairness I did quite well in 2017 in terms of these common resolutions without having this written/made on the 1st of January. This was more because I didn’t put pressure on myself to do any of them but did what I felt like doing.

This year I want to do gaming resolutions or challenges for myself. I’m setting the bar quite low with these challenges to account for potential time difficulties that may affect me with general adulthood and associated responsibilities. However, I thought this would be quite an interesting way to extend my gaming and may allow me to blog about thoughts of games more.

So, onto these challenges, what am I hoping to achieve this year?

Try one game on a harder difficulty than I usually play and/or New Game+ mode. I generally don’t do a New Game+ play through or at least if I start them I normally don’t finish them. That said I think I should try to do this as something different. I haven’t got a game in mind for this yet but it could open up some other ways of playing for me. If you have any suggestions for a game to do this with let me know and I’ll keep it in mind!

Play more co-op games. I’m lucky as Player 2 enjoys gaming and we do play together but we really haven’t managed to play that many co-op games recently. At least not since we were playing Overcooked last which was a while ago (trying to perfect all the levels). There have been some games that we have played together in 2017 but not many and we both want to change this. It could be a lot of fun so fingers crossed our schedules work out and allow for this. It also means that our poor, slightly neglected, older consoles could get more of a look in.

Play at least 15 games which have been sat on my backlog. This is to try to reduce my backlog and doesn’t mean I need to complete them although that would be good. I just play some of them for a decent amount of time that seems fair to the game. Also, this is based across all systems that I own so is only the total number of games I am considering. I hope I can play more than this but I shall see what happens.

Complete at least 20 games. I’m taking a general definition of finished, to me this means having completed the story rather than getting 100% completion in terms of achievements/trophies or all the collectibles etc. In some cases, I will go for 100% (or close to) completion (meaning achievements/trophies completion), but I am not aiming for this in general. I would like to do more than this but shall see how things go this year but kind of ties in to making more time to game for me. My problem is I tend to play longer games, at least recently, and a lot of the games I want to remove from my backlog aren’t exactly quick so depending on how things progress it may be tricky or it may be easy. This may seem a small amount to some people but since I didn’t keep track of how many I completed in 2017 I thought this would be a fair starting point to aim for. It also means I am going to keep track this year so I can see what I can manage.

Finally, I aim to blog at least 30 times this year and get involved in the blogging community here. I don’t want to make this blog feel like work or add pressure to it but I also want to keep it going regularly. This truly is a fantastic community and I hope to get more involved in 2018 and beyond.

Do you have any resolutions for 2018 (gaming or otherwise)? Do you have any suggestions for games to play co-op or in a New Game+ playthrough? Let me know in the comments.

13 thoughts on “New Year, New Gaming Resolutions

    1. Since it is something I don’t ever do because of the “I’ve just finished this one, I want to play something else” reason, I just thought it would make a change and I might get something else out of the game. I will see when I try it.

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  1. Great list! There are a few new topics listed here that I have not seen yet like trying a game of a new difficulty and playing more co-op games. I guess I will try to play more single player games as most of my time gaming is spent playing with friends online. Thank you for sharing!

    -Luna 🙂

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