December gaming

We have reached the end of December and 2017.  As another month draws to a close I have been reflecting on what I have been playing for the month.  What with Christmas preparations and Christmas itself I have been pretty busy.  Not too busy not to play games though… And with Santa, Player 2 and my family being generous with their game giving I have some more to try.  So, December has been a gaming mix and mostly within the last week or so… time off is a wonderful thing!



It’s Solgaleo!

I spent some time diving back into Pokémon Sun (3DS) to try to catch some more Pokémon there.  I had already completed the story but there is always somewhere to explore.  Also, this was to prepare me for one of my Christmas gifts (Ultra Sun) which I haven’t started yet.  Just exploring the world trying to expand my Pokédex has been wonderful.



Woo hoo puzzle solved!

I have also been finishing up Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy (3DS).  I just love these puzzles although some are rather frustrating (also known as I haven’t worked it out correctly or am overthinking it…).  However, I did enjoy finishing up the story and trying to find all the puzzles.  It is a great game.


So exciting starting this up! 
I have only started one of my Christmas games and I’m loving it.  That game is Super Mario Odyssey (NS).  I am loving it and just so happy to finally be playing it.  I have several new games to try but I just can’t put this one down.  Though I still have a few days off to see what I can play.


What have you been playing this month?  Did you have any new games to play from Santa?  Let me know in the comments.

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